Sony announces that it will sell a new series of modular displays

Sony announced that it will start selling a new series of modular displays that can be used to make digital movie sets.

These displays are part of the Sony Crystal LED series and are modular panels using MicroLED. The previous displays were advertised for signage. Screen technology and modularity mean that multiple panels connected to the controller can be used to make huge displays.

Some people think they are useful for filmmaking: they have an anti-reflective coating and are very bright. Sony stated that their brightness can reach 1800 nits. For comparison, Apple’s Pro Display XDR has a maximum brightness of 1600 nits.

One advantage of using monitors to build a movie background is that the light they emit makes it easier for the audience to believe that the actors are really there. In a traditional green screen setting, the background is flat and solid, and the actors must be lighted to make the background seem to exist. However, when you use the screen, the background already exists and provides light.