Sony sky high price lens! Use you to be the great God! The reason why Sony lens is expensive

Sony entered the market of replaceable lens camera for a short time. Although it inherited Minolta’s platinum, it had a high price due to its lack of experience, low sales volume, strict requirements for high performance of high-end lens, and low cost of design materials. Canon and Nikon have been working in the market for many years, with mature system, large customer group, high sales volume, sufficient development experience, low cost and naturally low price. However, for the recent Nikon Canon’s no anti system lens, the price is higher than that of Sony, and it is no less than that. < p > < p > Sony micro single e-bayonet professional lens, especially GM lens, is indeed expensive, but if you go to see the price of Canon and Nikon full micro single lens of the same grade, you will not ask such a question. Sony e-bayonet low-end lens is not expensive, hundreds of pieces of random choice. < / P > < p > Minolta’s new version of 85 / 1.4gd at the end of the year has eight contacts. These contacts are for the D function of the lens. The so-called D function is that the lens can transmit the aperture and focal length information of the lens accurately in real time, and cooperate with TTL metering and flash synchronization function. < / P > < p > due to the addition of a large number of electronic devices, the price difference between the two different versions of lens in the same optical structure is nearly half. Of course, the added functions are functions that most users will not use. For example, the depth of field calculation function of millimeter level based on d-head. < p > < p > Sony Fe 24-70mm f2.8 GM full frame standard zoom g master lens e bayonet big Sanyuan f2.8 constant aperture soft and virtual, 24-70 standard zoom focal section, high resolution hanging head. G Master Series lens, faith orange mark, Sony micro single good partner. < p > < p > although Sony finally bought Minolta’s a-slot, all the work is carried out based on the a-card, so these special designs are carried out in every lens. It can be said that Sony’s lens has its own unique and rare functions, and it also adds a large number of electronic components. Although it is not very useful, this is the reason why it is expensive. < / P > < p > f2.8 constant aperture, 70-200 medium and long focal length, telephoto close-up, optical anti shake. G Master Series lens, faith orange mark, Sony micro single good partner. < p > < p > Sony’s way is to cooperate with German optical giant Carl Zeiss. Carl Zeiss makes OEM certification for Sony’s lens and provides t * coating support. Naturally, Sony also has to pay part of the cost to Carl Zeiss, which virtually increases the cost of the product. < / P > < p > Sony’s lenses cannot be completely self-made. Among the Japanese camera brands, Canon, Nikon and Fuji are the only brands that basically realize lens self-development and self-production.. < / P > < p > and Sony’s lenses are produced in Japan, Thailand, China At present, it is known that Za series and some G series lens products are manufactured by Tenglong. But it’s not known what Sony’s GM Series lenses are like. If Sony’s lens products are completely OEM mode, then the situation of unstable quality control and high price can be understood. After decades of high-tech, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low! Yes, that’s right. The key is low cost. This, later on, if you want to re-establish a lens system, the cost will not be cheap. The output of Shima and Tenglong lenses is not high. Why is the price not expensive? What’s more, some lenses of Shima and Tenglong are made of very good materials. It may be related to the labor costs of different companies. For example, in China’s Huawei, the wages of Huawei’s employees are very high, but the wages of employees of Huawei’s suppliers may be very general. In other words, the wages of Sony employees may be much higher than those of Shima. Shima such a company, did not invest a lot of money in marketing, advertising costs are much less. Because Shima, Tenglong, just need to attach to Sony can make money. Is it possible that the location of the factory of this kind of company is remote? Office headquarters are also relatively remote? Rent, maybe much cheaper than Sony? To sum up, Sony’s full frame and micro single lens is not cheap. Therefore, for the purchase of Sony micro single friends, it is possible to consider Shima and Tenglong lens. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!