Sony still laughs to the end: mobile phone business is not good, but this business is in short supply!

If you pay attention to the main direction of smartphone breakthrough this year, you will find that even in the past year or two, mobile phone photography is still one of the “highlands” that manufacturers are bound to compete for. From the DxOMark list which has become the authoritative list that most head brands pay attention to, to the “blazing edge” of catching up with each other to occupy the first place, it seems that the manufacturers have acquiesced to be a main function that users will definitely consider. < / P > < p > of course, it’s a good thing for users to take photos by mobile phone. First, smart phones have become a necessary tool for people’s daily necessities of life and clothing. They can’t bring their wallets, but they must take them with them. Only by doing a good job in each of their functions can users trust the brand more. Secondly, with its compact and portable design, mobile phones have all the “functions”, which also include travel, travel, photography and so on. At this time, if you have it, you can give up bulkiness Portable SLR equipment, why not? < / P > < p > users have demand, and manufacturers are bound to “throw in their favor”. This also makes some high-end models more and more expensive in recent years. However, it is not the mobile phone manufacturers or users who laugh to the end, but the upstream manufacturers who follow the “rising tide”, such as mobile phone image sensor manufacturers?

mobile phone mobile phone has been missing in mainland China since. Many people do not remember SONY has its own brand of mobile phone, of course! After losing the Chinese market, Sony’s status quo in the world is not very good. But its other business is not eclipsed, but “promising” – its mobile phone image sensor. < / P > < p > < p > there is one saying. Nowadays, when people talk about the image sensor of high-end flagship mobile phones, as long as they are heard to be Sony’s, they are generally reliable; but if it’s Samsung’s, even if it’s a 100 million pixel main camera, some people will doubt it. < p > < p > take the head brands of domestic mobile phones oppo and vivo as examples. The main camera of many of their middle end machines has always been Sony’s imx586 48 million pixel sensor a few years ago, which is enough to prove that manufacturers and consumers recognize Sony’s image sensor. On the other hand, Sony still has a market for this sensor – how much profit does it have to make from it? < / P > < p > in China, apart from the OV two companies, Huawei and Sony have a custom cooperation relationship, let alone Xiaomi, which uses the latest top sensors first. It is enough to prove the “iron” ~ < / P > < p > of the relationship between the two. It is precisely because with such fans, Sony will not lose money as long as it can provide stable supplies, even if all other industries are ticket based. But this is normal. What if there are other problems? Recently, some media have mentioned a problem: in order to prevent CIS out of stock in the second half of the year, downstream mobile phone manufacturers have already placed orders in advance for stock preparation, and the object of the order is Sony. Although the price of the sensor has no obvious fluctuation, it seems that the shortage of CIS chips has become a consensus. The reason for the shortage of CIS chips is that the wafer capacity is insufficient. In addition, this year, all mobile phone manufacturers still focus on taking pictures of mobile phones. Therefore, they are more dependent on mobile phone image sensors. If there is a problem, all manufacturers will be caught by surprise. < / P > < p > with the changes of the times, people’s social ways are also undergoing fundamental changes, and the most obvious is that the arrival of 5g era has promoted people’s love for video social networking. This also makes it difficult for a mobile phone to be recognized by users without an excellent video system. < / P > < p > and no matter who the final winner is, for users, as long as the cost does not rise and they can afford to consume, whether they are out of stock or not, and whether the manufacturers have ordered to buy image sensors in advance. If mobile phones in the future make more and more breakthroughs in imaging technology, people’s video social networking will become more convenient and efficient, which is enough ~ < a= target=_ blank>Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally