Sony will provide OLED micro display for Apple glasses

On October 23, there was more and more news about Apple glasses. Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony would provide apple with OLED micro displays for the AR / VR eyeglass device Apple glasses. Ross young, a display industry analyst, said multiple sources mentioned that apple did plan to use Sony’s micro display technology for its head mounted Apple glasses. < p > < p > according to framos, an embedded vision technology provider, Sony OLED micro display screen is a small “cutting-edge” display screen, with ultra-fast response speed, ultra-high contrast, wide color gamut, can achieve accurate color restoration, high brightness, low reflectivity, and is often suitable for Apple glasses. < p > < p > Sony’s Micro displays also have integrated drivers to achieve a lightweight design and a power-saving mode to extend battery life. In addition, the high contrast provides additional layers of information that can appear seamlessly rather than simply superimposed. “This information is directly added to the background to provide a” real ar experience, “framos said. < p > < p > it is predicted that Apple’s AR / VR glasses will be launched in 2021, while Mr. Guo predicts that the earliest time will be 2022. Young also believes that it needs to wait until 2022. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”