Sony’s full picture price cut! How about a7m3a7r3r4 with big ternary lens?

Product performance: first class. There are a lot of articles about the performance of this lens on the Internet. You can search by yourself. The seal of the packing box is complete and the bottom is strong, so you can feel at ease. Anti shake effect: the lens itself has no anti shake effect, but the aperture is large and the shutter speed is fast, so it is anti shake ^ o ^ besides, my supporting Sony a7rm2 fuselage has anti shake function. Other features: Super aspheric and other special lenses are awesome. You don’t have to doubt the SONY G master lens. The weight is moderate. It is much fatter and lighter than the canon I bought before. < / P > < p > G master lens is used to match my a7rm3. The lens is well made, and its weight is much lighter than expected. After installation, this lens has a wide field of vision and a deep sense of depth. It can also cover a relatively large picture in the case of indoor or small space, and the imaging quality in the picture is also very good. I’ll go out and shoot a group of samples in a few days. < / P > < p > in the three f2.8 big Sanyuan GM lenses, xiaopang’s most recommended is 24-70, but it’s better to buy them from offline channels to facilitate the test run. In case of bad character? The next is the 70-200, which is expensive. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a perfect lens. However, if you don’t often play with street portraits, you may often lie in the moisture proof box and think about your purpose before you buy it. 16-35 is a pity. In fact, the practicability of this lens is not inferior to that of 24-70. However, the full opening of 35mm end is a bit of scum. Unless you really don’t care about the resolution and need this focal length more, you can consider it. But 16-35mm f2.8gm is still worse than 12-24mm F4 is better. Although the vision of F4 is wider, it is not easy to control 12mm. Secondly, the filter on the bulb is not convenient. Thirdly, it lacks the convenience of a starry sky. What’s more, 12mm is wider than 16mm, and 35mm is longer than 24mm. It’s just a win or loss. Besides, the workmanship of 12-24 is not as solid as GM series. From the perspective of comprehensiveness, 16-35 GM is more reliable. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?