Sony’s microblog suggests it will launch an electric car with a 100 km acceleration of 48 seconds

Recently, Sony China has hinted in its micro blog that it may launch an electric car, but the matching picture also clearly indicates “Sony design”. Therefore, it is possible that Sony provides styling design for the car. However, some foreign media have exposed the imaginary picture of Sony vision-s before, and said that the new car will be equipped with L4 driving assistance system.

the microblog released by Sony China was accompanied by “come on, try to test your driver’s license!” Therefore, it indicates that the new car may be launched in China. However, the word “Sony design” also makes people speculate that Sony is only designing the car styling. In addition, since it is a microblog released by Sony China, the new car is likely to enter the domestic market in the future.

at the US 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony, a famous Japanese electrical brand, released its vision-s electric concept car. In terms of the release rhythm of concept car in the field of automobile, it has been quietly ahead of apple and Dyson.

the Sony vision-s concept car integrates 33 sensor elements, and its driving points are automatic driving assistance, AI and Internet of vehicles. In the 5g era, the partners of this new car include blackberry, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Bosch, Magna and other well-known enterprises in the industry.

for a new car, the known information is that the vehicle’s 100km acceleration is 4.8s. In terms of automatic driving assistance ability, L2 + level automatic driving assistance ability is available at this stage. With the software upgrade in the future, L4 level automatic driving assistance ability may be gradually developed.

Author: zmhuaxia