Space is no longer peaceful? Musk creates military spacecraft for us army, which can execute global decapitation

One of the hot topics in the near future is the partnership between the U.S. Air Force Transportation Command and SpaceX, which means that the U.S. military will transport goods and personnel anywhere in the world through spacecraft. From the speed point of view, this can realize the suddenness of combat, which is much faster than the traditional transport aircraft. From a commercial point of view, point-to-point near earth rail transportation is likely to be realized in the next decade, and the transportation of goods is still of practical significance without carrying people. It’s all thanks to SpaceX founder musk, the iron man who is building a super star ship to transport humans to Mars, but the technology has already caught the eye of the U.S. air force. In 2002, the U.S. Marine Corps proposed using small space carriers and plug-in spacecraft to transport Marines from sea to land. However, this technology was still in the conceptual state at that time, and no one put it into practice. Today, Musk’s company has developed this technology to transport military equipment, even personnel, on low earth orbit. The technical bottleneck of strategic airlift with Leo is how to ensure safety and whether the cost is reasonable. Compared with other alternatives, space transportation has technical and cost barriers, and the breakthrough in material science at this stage is expected to make this strategic transportation mode come true. However, it will still take more than 10 years to achieve reasonable and controllable cost. General Stephen Lyons, head of the US Air Force Transportation Command, recently disclosed at the National Defense Transportation Association that an agreement has been reached with SpaceX, which will use the newly developed space technology for strategic transportation. The U.S. military will obtain a global transportation platform in the next 10 to 20 years, which can reach any place in the world within half an hour, which is more empty than the C-17 transport plane It’s faster. With the development of space technology, materials such as tanks and armored vehicles may be transported through low earth orbit and landed at any place where they are trimmed and leveled. < / P > < p > it can be seen that the engineering products of SpaceX can not only be used for landing on Mars, but also used in the military field. Once SpaceX successfully lands on Mars, the militarization of Mars will also be put on the agenda of the US government. The aerospace industry regards engineering technology as the core power to promote everything. With technology, all illusions can become reality. Although the U.S. Department of defense is exploring a groundbreaking and possibly infeasible idea, once the near earth orbit airlift is formed, it will be of great strategic significance. The U.S. military can reach any place in the world within half an hour, and can go deep into the interior of other major countries, which means a strong strategic attack. Army chief of staff James McConville is also blunt: this technology will change the pattern of war, and even carry out beheading operations;. However, the arrival of military space transportation will cause many regulatory issues, such as where the spacecraft will take off, whether it can have a space base on the territory of the allies, and whether it may be shot down. Space military transportation may violate the 1967 or international law norms, increasing the risk of accidental conflict. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?