“Space please answer” hot broadcast of “powerful country classroom” attracts attention of children and parents

“Space, please answer” has opened the door to the space field for children, and the seeds of exploring the vast universe have taken root in children’s hearts. ” The mother of Li Fengzhi, a primary school student attached to Tianjin normal school, wrote in a message that the child also drew a picture of the universe after watching it. She hopes that children can inherit the spirit of aerospace and have the dream and courage to explore the unknown through online quality courses. < p > < p > it is reported that “space please answer” is the first online quality course of Aerospace Science Popularization jointly launched by China Youth Daily, the information center of SASAC of the State Council, our space new media center, China Academy of launch vehicle technology, and China Academy of space technology, which has been launched by the learning power, Zhongqing online, XRS online school and other platforms Broadcast, will harvest the children and parents of widespread attention and praise. Up to now, the number of reading on multiple platforms has accumulated more than 10 million times. < p > < p > < p > “space please answer” specially invited Xie Jun, deputy chief designer and chief designer of beidou-3 project of China Aerospace Science and technology group; Zhang Bonan, deputy chief designer of manned space engineering, chief designer of manned spacecraft system and project leader of new generation manned spacecraft test ship; Zhang Qingjun, chief commander and chief designer of remote sensing satellite; and Space Transportation Committee of international astronautics Federation Yang Yuguang, vice chairman and researcher of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China, Jia Yang, deputy chief designer of Mars probe of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and technology group, and 20 academicians, chief engineers of Aerospace Engineering and Aerospace Science and technology experts gave lectures to young people. With “space please answer” as the theme, it covers the knowledge of China’s space history, space science popularization, space engineering and space application, focusing on the basic concept, development process and important achievements of China’s aerospace. < p > < p > Wang Tianxin, the second grade student of Beijing No.7 Middle School, felt very fruitful after reading the course. He also took the initiative to write down his impressions, “the space class not only let me understand the space knowledge, but also let me have a new understanding of China’s aerospace. The scope of human activities has experienced a gradual expansion process from land to ocean, from ocean to atmosphere, from atmosphere to outer space. The emergence of space technology in the 1950s has opened a new era for human activities in outer space exploration. Here, I learned that the Chinese nation has created splendid ancient civilization in the history of human development. The earliest ancient rocket invented by China is the rudiment of modern rocket. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China in 1949, China independently carried out space activities on its own, and successfully developed and launched the first man-made earth satellite in 1970. So far, China has ranked among the world’s advanced ranks in some important fields of space technology, and has made remarkable achievements. In the 21st century, China will proceed from its own national conditions, continue to promote the development of space industry, and make due contributions to the peaceful use of outer space and human civilization and progress. ” After watching the “space please answer” course, parents Cui Lijun wrote down a paragraph with emotion and invited his friend composer Wang Chenxu to compose a composition for the lyrics. She hoped that the children would realize “my flying dream”: I had a dream, flying into the vast space, stepping over the silver river and lighten the north star. I had a dream that I would travel with a panda in a spaceship, and plant a parasol on Mars. A star would never change, and a starfish was shining brightly, and it was five thousand years of searching and flying, and the song of the Milky way was singing; Shenzhou, Long March, Chang’e and heavenly palace; Tianwen, Beidou, Hongyan, Wukong, see me through the clouds and fog, stars and the sea surging, the past and the future converge, drawing a romantic time and space; I have the heart to serve the country, live up to the youth ambition, romantic space feeling, Chinese dream of our generation. In the view of Song Yang, a teacher of Chengdu Shuangliu middle school, “space, please answer” tells the story of China’s aerospace by scientists, helping children to popularize space knowledge. It not only spreads the “seed of science” in the hearts of children, but also conveys the “belief of serving the country”, and gives the children the strength to move forward and open the “space dream”. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865