SpaceX is looking for a software engineer to develop star chain’s “mobile app”

SpaceX will provide star link broadband Internet services in the northern United States and parts of Canada by the end of this year. Starlink’s customers will support the company’s ambitious mission to achieve multi planet life. “When space travel is as common as air travel, the future of human civilization will be guaranteed,” says Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX SpaceX will need a lot of money to build hundreds of starships to enable humans to live on Mars. Starlink plans to provide the aerospace company with additional revenue to achieve this ambitious goal. < / P > < p > to date, SpaceX has launched about 595 Starlink satellites into low earth orbit, which send internet connections to earth stations. The company plans to deploy thousands of Internet transmission satellites, which will provide global Internet coverage. Customers of < / P > < p > Starlink will receive the network through a user terminal disk and Wi Fi router, which does not require professional technicians to install. Users can access the Internet from space by simply plugging it into a power outlet and pointing it to the sky. Engineers are actively evaluating the performance of these Internet satellites; employees are currently conducting privacy tests on the satellite chain network. < / P > < p > this week, SpaceX released a job advertisement for senior software engineers to “develop mobile applications that connect customers to the Internet via Starlink satellites.”. “Here, success doesn’t require Aerospace experience, we’re looking for smart, active, collaborative engineers who love problem solving and want to play a role in a super inspiring mission,” the company wrote Engineers will form a team to develop Android and IOS “Starlink portal” applications to give SpaceX customers “a seamless experience of managing accounts and Internet access.”. “< p > < p > you will work with other SpaceX engineers to discover the requirements of the task, write highly reliable software, and make the task a reality,” the company wrote in its recruitment notice “The success of SpaceX Satellite Internet business depends on the quality of the software you and your team develop. This includes reliability, fault tolerance, throughput, security, and user experience. ” < / P > < p > the recruitment information shows that Starlink customers will be able to manage their Starlink services through mobile applications, which will provide users with a simple experience, without the need for professional and face-to-face customer service. The mobile app is expected to provide users with access to accounts, assess data usage, and even pay for services. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year