Squeezing suppliers and exploiting consumers Apple’s 2 trillion market value is a bit “black”

It’s not long before Apple’s market value exceeds $1 trillion, and the market value of $2 trillion follows. Breaking the record seems like eating and drinking water for apple? Market value essentially reflects the market’s comprehensive view of the enterprise in the short term, including profitability, potential development and so on. The level of profitability is the most direct factor to improve the market value. When it comes to making money, apart from some real profiteering industries or monopoly industries, it is estimated that no one dares to say that he understands the mystery better than apple. < p > < p > Apple’s autumn launch is coming soon. The price of the iPhone 12 series exposed on the Internet today shows that its price has hardly changed compared with the previous generation. As we all know, Apple will add 5g baseband chips to the iPhone 12 series this year. According to the price development trend of 5g mobile phones in China, the price increase is the general trend and the best way to spread the material cost. If the price of iPhone 12 doesn’t go up, is apple finally aware of its conscience? < / P > < p > in fact, it’s not. Apple says it doesn’t make money to bring value to users, but this year’s cancellation of the iPhone 12’s plug-in charger is a sign that vampire behavior doesn’t have to happen to consumers. According to Guo’s latest report, Apple hopes to reduce the price of production materials provided by suppliers in the upcoming iPhone 12 series, so as to offset the rising cost of 5g technology for the iPhone 12. According to Guo, sub-6 will increase Apple’s cost by $75-85, while millimeter wave technology will increase costs by $125-135. Due to the subtle differences in 5g construction standards in some overseas regions and China, we may be able to speculate on Apple’s iPhone 12 with the greatest malice: there will be two different versions of Apple’s iPhone 12 at home and abroad. It is even possible that the iPhone 12 will maintain 4G network and only support 5g on Pro version. < / P > < p > since cook took charge of apple, similar reports have emerged in an endless stream, and Apple’s market value has also soared. Apple takes advantage of its position in the industry to continuously squeeze the suppliers in the system, requiring them to provide “high-quality and low-cost” materials. Suppliers are also “shivering”. If they don’t comply with Apple’s requirements, many peers will covet Apple’s orders. In order to win Apple’s orders from their own hands, competitors probably don’t mind giving lower prices. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 is in the forefront of the storm. If other configurations are reduced due to 5g in the vertical comparison, it will inevitably be criticized by netizens. At least so far, many netizens have held a “critical meeting” on the Internet, and the popularity of microblog has reached the top five of the hot search list. Even if there is negative news, Apple also has the heat that other manufacturers do not have, which is expected to make many domestic manufacturers envious. There is no doubt that no charger is a fatal “weakening” for mobile phone products, and how expensive Apple’s adapter is – understand! < / P > < p > in Apple’s global supply chain system, many of them are made bigger and stronger because of the existence of Apple products. In essence, the development of some suppliers is promoted by the global sales and stability of Apple products. As long as apple is willing, it can support other suppliers. On the consumer side, the attraction of IOS ecological integrity to users and developers is self-evident. “I have no one” apple, can take this to get more profit space. It’s no wonder that Apple’s market value can exceed $2 trillion, more than the DGP of 187 countries. This will make money, and investors will naturally be optimistic about it. Skip to content