Start with the glory tablet X6: take you into an efficient learning experience

As most of the children are taking online classes and learning online knowledge at home this year, online education has become more and more popular. As the exclusive equipment of online education, tablet PC with large screen has many advantages in daily leisure and entertainment, learning and light office fields. Glory has just released an entry-level tablet computer, the glory tablet X6, which is definitely the most worthy children’s learning Tablet PC product in the same price.

the glory brand itself is synonymous with youth and fashion. Its products are also Chaomei design for young users. This time, glory’s Chaomei design continues on the glory tablet X6. On the front is a large 9.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800720p. The display is still relatively clear. At the same time, the screen also supports low blue light eye protection certification, which can avoid eye fatigue after long-term use.

the back of the glory plate X6 adopts a very textured sand blasting anode process, which creates a micro frosted texture and feels very comfortable. The one we got is mint green color, which is very fresh with light blue, and it is also very suitable for young people’s aesthetic.

at the same time, glory tablet V6 also supports the “sharp screen” display enhancement technology, which can effectively enhance the details of the picture and present a more transparent and higher color saturation picture for video playback, picture browsing and other scenes. The glory tablet X6 also has a relatively narrow frame, which makes the screen occupation of the screen very high. It also has a sense of immersion when watching online classes and learning and entertainment.

the double speakers of glory flat X6 are equipped with two large cavity speakers on both sides of the body, which brings shocking stereo enjoyment. Combined with the performance of Huawei histen 6.1 stereo sound effect, the audio experience is more shocking. In terms of configuration, the glory tablet X6 is equipped with Kirin 710A from SMIC, which is enough to meet the needs of children’s learning.

there is also a SIM card slot in the lower middle frame of the tablet. In terms of network connection in the entire tablet market, the performance of glory tablet V6 can be said to be the first, and it also provides a good stability for children’s learning network environment, even if online classes and videos can be easily handled.

due to the epidemic situation, online learning has become a hot topic this year. Glory naturally takes into account the needs of these groups. In order to meet the needs of more students and parents, the glory new tablet X6 is built-in “Education Center”, which not only aggregates the teaching content of various disciplines, but also provides a special education application market to meet the needs of different grades or education Demand for users, which means that even if you want to learn the knowledge related to postgraduate entrance examination, you can also find the corresponding applications and courses.

in the two major apps of education center and children’s paradise in glory tablet V6, the former basically covers all the teaching materials of k12 education, with a large number of free and charged online courses, famous teacher classes, etc. Children’s paradise is an educational and Learning Paradise specially built for children. There are not only a large amount of knowledge to learn, but also a lot of fun puzzle games to increase children’s knowledge reserve by means of teaching and playing.

in addition, parents can set time management, set the single use time and the total length of time. For example, you can also set permissions on the app, lock the app market, set the parental password, and can’t return to the desktop at will, so that the device can become a pure and thorough learning tool for children. At the same time, aiming at the problem of vision protection, the glory tablet X6 also supports functions such as blue light filtering, distance reminder, lying posture reminder, shaking reminder, e-book mode, photosensitive reminder, etc.

glory tablet X6 also adopts magicui 3.1 system, which brings a simple, natural and refreshing UI interface. It can effectively solve the problem of fragmentation, and achieve long-term non card, support GPU turbo, and of course, the highly praised parallel view function, which can adjust the window proportion in real time. For the tablet, magic ui3.1 provides Huawei share, parallel view, smooth call and face unlocking and other practical functions. Every detail shows that the glory tablet X6 brings users the ultimate experience.

in order to solve the problem of horizontal screen application, the glory tablet has brought parallel vision. The parallel world of glory tablet solves the problem that many Android applications do not support the use of horizontal screen on tablet computers. The high degree of adaptation makes glory tablet one of the important effect tools.

the glory tablet X6 supports parallel view. When the application is opened on the horizontal screen, the window can be divided into left and right sides, and the left and right screens can be operated at the same time, giving full play to the characteristics of the large screen of the tablet, making a revolutionary breakthrough in the use experience of Android Tablet and making up for the short board of Android Tablet ecology. Whether it’s watching news or reading learning materials, parallel vision can provide better note taking ability

as a tablet computer with its own clear positioning, the glory tablet X6 can meet the different educational needs of users, and through the education center, children’s paradise and other applications and related courses, your children can also smoothly improve themselves in the current special environment 。 On the hardware level, Qilin 710A has enough computing power to meet the educational needs of students and friends. In the future, the glory tablet X6 will continue to upgrade and enrich the application content, make progress with your children, become an important help for children’s learning, and also destined to be extraordinary for your children.

Author: zmhuaxia