Station B “anti-cancer warrior” died, was scolded “sell miserably”, now really left!

As an anime house living in station B all the year round, Muzi is very familiar with the news of station B. recently, tiger son, the “anti-cancer up master” of station B, suddenly announced his death in the latter half of his life. When the “anti-cancer up master” passed away, some people were sad and others were angry. In the latter half of Huzi’s life, the up master was a terminal cancer patient who had been on fire in station B for nearly half a year. The content of his live broadcast was to tell the story of fighting against cancer. In the early video, the up master gained the attention and appreciation of many netizens with his positive attitude. < p > < p > in the video, in the latter half of Huzi’s life, the up master is an inspirational up master who “although poor, but does not bow to life and cancer”, and Huzi’s optimistic video inspires many netizens. Therefore, in station B and the major media platforms, the video broadcast volume of Huzi is very terrible. However, when people thought that Huzi was a real “anti-cancer warrior”, all kinds of news that didn’t match the video were revealed, including driving a luxury car and eating hot pot, which did not seem to be a patient with advanced cancer. In the public’s questioning and scolding, Huzi finally admitted these things publicly, but most of the netizens still felt cheated. Therefore, this “anti-cancer warrior” in the eyes of netizens has become a “miserable up owner”. < / P > < p > after these things were exposed, the word-of-mouth of Huzi has changed dramatically. Many people who once supported him and were inspired by him have joined the black powder team. In today’s Huzi video, there are many subtitles such as “Oscar winner” and “actor”, and even more, they are looking forward to tiger’s early death! < / P > < p > and when everyone was scolding the up Master of Huzi, the obituary of Huzi’s death was posted on his account. All netizens were stunned for a moment. It was only then that the Netizens found out that Huzi was really a patient with advanced cancer! After the news of Huzi’s death came out, some people questioned the authenticity of the news, but after seeing the proof of tiger’s death, everyone was speechless. Although Huzi does have a high consumption side, but his late cancer is true, and his optimism is true! Until the last moment, Huzi still used his optimistic attitude to inspire people in the video, even though many people painted “die early” and “cheater”… < / P > < p > used to be “anti-cancer warrior” and then “up master who sold miserably”, but now Huzi really died! In this half year’s time, for us, half a year’s time is fleeting, but for Huzi, this half year is the last period of his life! Although Huzi once cheated us, I hope everyone will not forget that he was a real “anti-cancer warrior” instead of a “up seller”. < / P > < p > Dear friends, what do you think of Huzi, the up master in the latter half of his life? How do you feel about the news of his death? Welcome to discuss with you. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia