Steady! The new frame rate option is added in the official version of IOS 14, and the iPhone 12 has high screen swipe

This year, the iPhone series did not appear at the apple conference in September. It was reported that the iPhone 12 series would not be released until October. The reason for the delay may be related to a new feature, that is, promotion adaptive refresh rate screen. The peak speed of the screen will reach 120Hz, which is the same as that on iPad pro. < / P > < p > high refresh screen will bring incomparable smooth visual experience. The high brush screen of Android flagship model is already standard, but the iPhone has not carried this technology for a long time. There are a lot of speculations about the refresh rate of iPhone 12 series screens this year. Some say that Apple has not solved the problem of high brush drive and may still maintain the normal 60Hz screen. Some say that Apple’s delayed release is just to solve this problem. Apple will carry promotion adaptive refresh rate technology on the Pro Series. < / P > < p > Apple has pushed the official version of IOS 14, and many users have also upgraded it. Many partners have found a new setting option on their models: limiting frame rate. Users can turn it on or off in accessibility, but nothing has changed on the iPhone, which is considered a test option on the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > according to the information previously determined, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series has been reduced to varying degrees. Although the combination of 5nm A14 chip can improve some performance, 5g network is a big power consumer. If you add 120Hz high-speed screen, the battery life will be very worrying. < / P > < p > currently, Apple has not released any information about its next launch. It is generally believed that the iPhone 12 will be released in October, when all the veil will be lifted, we will wait and see! Skip to content