Stepping on the shoulder of “Internet addicts” to become China’s richest man! It donated 7 billion to the United States and paid nothing to China

For the rich, starting from scratch to be rich, they can’t do without their hard work, but they also can’t do without the consumers. So, after their careers are successful, they will “give back to the society” and continue to donate money to the society. For example, in the Wenchuan earthquake, basically the rich donated money, and some set up charity organizations to call on more people to donate During the “public health event” in the first half of the year, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng donated more than 1 billion yuan again to help people in need of funds and materials, which won the unanimous approval of the people. China major issues issues of right and wrong make complaints about my fault.

, however, there are some people who are a bit untenable in the face of cardinal principles. For example, Chen Tianqiao of the Shanda network has donated 7 billion to the United States, but his attitude towards the country is not so good. He once said, “money shortage in Chinese science is not my fault”. < p > < p > in fact, Shanda network covered the sky with only one hand in the game industry at that time. If it had developed to now, Tencent would have nothing to do with it. Chen Tianqiao, the founder of Lujiazui Group, achieved excellent results when he was a child, and his student career was smooth. He successfully passed Fudan University and immediately entered the President Office of Lujiazui Group after graduation. Like many big men, when the Internet industry was in the ascendant, Chen Tianqiao founded Shanda network, while Alibaba and Tencent had just risen. In terms of fame, Shanda network was more famous. < p > < p > at the helm of Chen Tianqiao, Shanda network has developed rapidly, leaving Ma Yun and Ma Huateng behind. In 2004, Shanda network was listed on NASDAQ in the United States. At that time, Chen Tianqiao was only 31 years old and became the richest man in China. You can imagine how beautiful he and Shanda group are. Many people said that Chen Tianqiao’s success was based on the increase in the number of “Internet addicted teenagers” in China, and he earned “black money”, which is indeed the case. More and more children play the grand game and play truant, tired of school, even on the road of crime, Shanda group for a time fell into an embarrassing situation. In order to dispel people’s misunderstanding of Shanda, Chen Tianqiao carried out a wave of transformation after that, but in the field of video and literature, Chen Tianqiao did not create another brilliant. < p > < p > in 2015, Shanda’s road of network supernatural finally came to an end. Chen Tianqiao and his younger brother cashed in $8.8 billion from Shanda and started a new investment career. Shanda was regarded as an “abandoned child”. At that time, Chen Tianqiao was very interested in “brain science”, so he promised to donate about 7 billion yuan to Caltech. At that time, many people around him said to Chen Tianqiao that now China’s scientific development also needs help. Why not donate money to our motherland? Who knows what Chen Tianqiao should have said: I can’t be blamed for the lack of money in Science in China. Every university in China has a “rich father”. How can you blame a person for not donating his hard-earned money to the rich dad’s children? However, in recent years, Chen Tianqiao has begun to look at China again, because he has established a brain science research institute. If he wants to make layout in the mainland, he can combine his overseas resource advantages and then make money in China. Netizens have said that at that time, when developing brain science, they donated money to foreign countries. Now that the technology is mature, and they want to go back to China to make money, businessmen’s faces are really realistic. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine