Stick it up and you’ll get a full signal? This piece of metal on the mobile phone is greasy

Recently, the “enhancement sticker” of mobile phone signal has been on the hot search for a time. It is said that if you stick it on the back cover of the mobile phone, it can enhance the signal of the mobile phone. Although it is just a small piece of metal, it is claimed that no matter in the basement or in the elevator, as long as it is pasted, the mobile phone signal will be full instantly. It seems to be absolutely a necessary artifact for the mobile party. However, is “enhancement post” really so magical? < p > < p > the reporter found that the price of the so-called black technology products’ mobile signal “enhancement paste” is not high. The price is dozens of yuan, and the cheapest one is even less than two yuan. There are many businesses carrying out “buy one get one free” promotion activities. And the product versions are all kinds of, from generation 8 to generation 9 to generation 26. The update is very fast. Which generation you want to buy. < / P > < p > for example, this so-called “the latest 18 generation” signal enhancement paste, known as the “dual chip” thick antenna, can be used by all mobile phones. There is no signal before installation, and it is full one second after installation; it is generated for the signal, which can speed up the signal by 80% and has low radiation. Coupled with all the praise of the buyers, it’s really hard to be moved. < / P > < p > in order to test the effect of mobile phone signal “enhancement post”, the reporter purchased three kinds of mobile phone signal enhancement stickers with prices of 20 yuan, 30 yuan and 68 yuan from three online stores, and prepared two mobile phones purchased from regular channels, and took them to the Tel terminal Laboratory of China Academy of information and communications for comparative test. < / P > < p > in the laboratory, experts have conducted a total of four comparative tests on mobile phone signal “enhancement stickers” with different prices. Experts call out the total radiation power test data, show that the four groups of data are basically consistent. In other words, the mobile phone signal paste has no improvement effect on the mobile phone signal. According to experts, the first factor affecting mobile phone signals is the signal base stations set up by major operators. The distance of base stations and the density of people flow will affect the signal strength. The other big factor is the antenna. It can be seen that any so-called tips or products to enhance the signal of mobile phones are meaningless, because the communication performance has been comprehensively considered and evaluated in the design and network access detection of mobile phones. The so-called “Enhancement Patch” of mobile phone signal is neither powered nor connected with the built-in antenna of the mobile phone. It is certainly impossible to increase the signal in the space. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally