Still melancholy can’t make super wide angle movies? After watching these skills, we are one step closer to the great God

With the increasingly powerful technology of taking photos on smart phones, it has become a habit for the public to record their lives with their mobile phones, and they can share them on social platforms as soon as they are photographed. Recently, oppo and one studio jointly launched a super wide angle imaging activity. In this activity, oppo and one studio invited everyone to record the beautiful moments of summer with ultra wide angle lens. After seeing this activity, many netizens expressed that they were very excited and wanted to participate in the activity actively. But what makes some netizens feel puzzled and disappointed is, what is the difference between super wide angle lens and ordinary lens? Don’t worry, let me give you a wave of science popularization today. The definition of ultra wide angle lens is that the focal length is less than 18mm, such as 12mm, 16mm, 17mm and so on. These lenses can be called “ultra wide angle lens”. In fact, the wide angle of view provided by the camera is wider than that of the conventional camera in terms of wide angle. < / P > < p > I believe you can easily realize that more and more flagship mobile phones are equipped with a super wide angle lens, so that consumers can get a more diversified shooting experience. For example, oppo find x2 Pro is a good example. The find x2 Pro is equipped with an ultra wide angle lens imx586 of the main camera level. This ultra wide angle lens has a pixel of 48 million, which can help us easily output super wide-angle movies with high quality. As shown in the following picture sheet, with the help of the find x2 Pro ultra wide angle lens, it can present a visual effect of “near big and far small”, making the whole photo look very visual impact. < / P > < p > and the following sample shows the strength of find x2 pro in super wide angle. Through the sample photos, we can know that the pictures output by find x2 Pro not only have a very good performance in terms of image quality, but also can present a very extreme depth and space sense thanks to the ultra wide angle lens provided by find x2 pro, so that the viewer can get a brand-new visual experience. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to its excellent performance in daytime scenes, the super wide-angle night blockbusters produced by find x2 Pro are also worthy of our attention. From the following night shot sample, in addition to being able to feel the visual impact brought by the ultra wide angle lens, we can also find that the night photos output by find x2 Pro have no noise, and the brightness and saturation are well controlled, and all kinds of details are clearly visible. < / P > < p > it has to be said that in addition to the advantages of taking scenery, find x2 Pro also has a good set of portraits. As shown in the sample photo posted by netizens below, we can see that find x2 Pro can not only make the little sister appear particularly slender in the picture, but also make the overall composition of the picture stronger. < / P > < p > after reading the above samples, I believe that you should also have a certain understanding of ultra wide angle lens. The above samples are also taken by oppo find x2 pro. If you have a demand for mobile phones in ultra wide angle, you might as well consider find x2 pro. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. It is reported that on the day of the 818 event, the highest interest free period of the find X2 is 12 installments and the daily payment is as low as 12.5 yuan. Interested friends may as well take advantage of this wave of activities to buy a wave. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo