Stomatology Hospital as a whole “move on” Jingdong to create a new mode of “Internet plus medical health” industry

On August 10, the launch conference of Jingdong health oral center with the theme of “small mouth and big health” was held in Beijing. Wang Songling, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of Capital Medical University and vice president of Chinese stomatology Association, was appointed chief scientist of the center. At the press conference, Jingdong health signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yantai stomatological hospital, and Yantai stomatological hospital settled in Jingdong health oral center as a whole. < / P > < p > so far, Jingdong health has launched a total of 14 internet medical specialized centers, including the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, heart center, mental psychology center, diabetes center, etc., to continuously promote the integrated development of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the specialty field, and explore the innovation of internet medical and health service mode for special diseases and special diseases. < / P > < p > oral health is the gateway of human general health. Oral health is closely related to the prevention and control of chronic diseases, as well as general health. At present, there are still many problems in the oral health prevention and management system. According to statistics, 95% of Chinese people are faced with oral health problems. The fourth national oral health epidemiological survey shows that the prevalence of dental caries in Chinese 12-year-old children is 34.5%, which is 7.8 percentage points higher than ten years ago. < / P > < p > at the same time, China is facing a shortage of dental experts: there is only one dentist for every 3000-4000 people. It is urgent for the industry to change the phenomenon of uneven distribution of medical resources to achieve hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and accurate matching of medical and patient resources. < / P > < p > “under such a background, Jingdong health brings its unique advantages to accelerate the connection and gather more top-level medical resources to the online oral center.” Xin Lijun, vice president of Jingdong group and CEO of Jingdong health, said, “Jingdong health oral center will further expand online and offline integrated oral diagnosis and health management services, connect professional oral medical service resources online, and link top oral medical institutions offline, so as to help realize the standardization of oral medical services and improve the service level.” Wang Songling, academician of

, chief scientist of the Jingdong health center, focuses on the development of oral health and education, emphasizes the importance of oral health prevention and points out the Jingdong health Internet plus health care service. He said: “Jingdong health’s launch of this efficient, rapid and simple diagnosis and treatment mode will surely gather the advantages of the platform, promote the popularization of oral health knowledge, the training of primary doctors, the sharing of big data of clinical information and the change of the construction of diagnosis and treatment mechanism, so as to provide high-quality medical resources and services for more patients.” < / P > < p > with the launch of the oral center, dozens of top experts in the field of Stomatology have also been recruited and incorporated into the Jingdong healthy oral center. Among them, Liu Hongchen, vice president of the Chinese Stomatological Association and doctoral supervisor, served as the director of the academic Expert Committee of Jingdong healthy dental center, Zhou yanheng, executive member of the Executive Committee of the world orthodontic alliance and doctoral supervisor, served as the director of the center, and Xu Xin, chairman of the stomatology Professional Committee and doctoral supervisor of the Chinese Stomatological Association, was the executive director. In addition, Jingdong Health Dental Center also employs many experts in the industry, serving as the directors of regional sub centers in Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc., as well as the chief experts of Prosthodontics and dental implant. < / P > < p > “Jingdong health oral center provides people with convenient and scientific medical treatment, and also provides better treatment experience.” Xu Xin, executive director of Jingdong health oral center, chairman of Stomatology Professional Committee of Chinese stomatology Association and doctoral supervisor, said. Through the specialized Internet medical mode such as Jingdong health oral center, the standardization of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and service ability has a realization platform, which can more comprehensively and rapidly promote the development of the whole medical and health industry. < / P > < p > to explore a new treatment process and pay attention to the patient’s experience is inseparable from the participation of offline medical institutions. At the press conference, Jingdong health signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yantai stomatological hospital, and Yantai stomatological hospital will settle in Jingdong health oral center as a whole. At the same time, five enterprises, including Taikang Baibo, Shanghai Lingjian, saide sunshine, feisen technology and Shanghai Meiao, have established strategic cooperative relations with Jingdong Jiankang, and jointly develop online and offline integrated oral medical and health services Business. < / P > < p > at present, Jingdong dental business scene has covered more than 160 cities and more than 2000 stores. Wang Yufang, general manager of Jingdong health consumer medicine, said that Jingdong health oral center will further run through the whole medical process, the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, the whole health scene and the whole life cycle of users, so as to provide high-quality oral health services for more users. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?