Stop selling products to China? Worried about stepping into the wake of tiktok and “clearing the relationship” at the first time

Recently, a lot of things have happened in the field of science and technology. In the context of tiktok incident, a video conference company in the United States announced another “big event”. In August 3rd, Zoom announced that it would stop selling new products or upgrading products to mainland China customers from August 23rd onwards and would provide video conference services only through third party partners.

the emergence of this news has also caused widespread controversy in the market. Many people speculate that zoom suddenly stops selling products to mainland users. Does it want to exit the Chinese market? As for the reasons, many people must have guessed that they are naturally worried about stepping into the wake of tiktok and being “targeted” by the United States.

as a matter of fact, as early as May 19, zoom has stopped registering Chinese individual users. Free individual users are not allowed to host meetings on zoom, and only the function of joining meetings is reserved. Speaking of this product, maybe many people are not familiar with it. In fact, zoom is a remote conference software. The reason why it is popular in the Chinese market is that it has a very important function, that is, remote control cooperation.

in case of software failure, only one maintenance call is needed. Engineers can operate remotely directly, and it is very convenient to deal with problems. Born in an ordinary family in Shandong Province, Yuan Zheng became a multibillion dollar tycoon from the beginning as a common farmer. He was refused a visa eight times before immigrating to the United States.

zoom was incorporated in Delaware in 2011, and Yuan Zheng had already immigrated to the United States at that time. For the reason that zoom is popular in China, many people attribute it to the use of foreign enterprises, saying that domestic enterprises generally do not take zoom as the first choice. However, Zoom announced that it was about to stop selling in mainland China.

when the zoom conference was first used, American schools basically used it for online classes. Later, it was found that user information was leaked, and all American schools banned this software. In the context of the epidemic, remote office software has become a “new favorite” in the market, and the value of zoom is naturally found by more people. The number of users around the world has increased greatly, and many universities and enterprises have joined zoom.

Unlike Tencent conference and nailing, zoom can not only take classes and work, but also realize functions such as singing K and dating. From the field of Commerce, it directly spans into the field of national social contact. It is for this reason that it is widely welcomed in the Chinese market.

However, at the end of March, the soaring stock price of zoom also brought a series of “security risks”. The video conferencing software is also in the forefront of the storm after it was banned in the United States. Yuan Zheng, the founder of the company, can only apologize. Since then, there has been a clue that zoom chose to withdraw from the Chinese market.

because zoom changed the system in May, many domestic free users were unable to continue to host the meeting. In June, zoom also stopped online subscription for the Chinese market. As for zoom’s move to withdraw from the Chinese market, many netizens said: there is nothing to worry about. Even without zoom, there are nails and Tencent conferences. With the increasingly fierce domestic video conference market, the performance of many domestic brands is commendable.

zoom has always been an enterprise that relies heavily on Chinese engineers. It has some data centers in China. Many foreign media also said that zoom is a Chinese company in essence, and even questioned as an American company with “Chinese heart”. However, from the perspective of zoom’s move, whether it can be regarded as a Chinese company still needs a question mark.

in the context of the continuous development of domestic video conferencing software, zoom, which is eager to “clear the relationship” with the Chinese market at the first time, needs us to continue to pay attention to how it will go in the future. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12