“Strange West” is what an unusual way of immersive simulation game?

In a tweet about, Raphael corantonio, founder and former president of arkane studios, confidently says that immersive simulation games can also use a look down angle. It is the first work of wolfeye studios, a new studio in corantonio, to be released by devolver digital.

last November, corantonio and another former arkane developer, Julian Robbie, announced the opening of wolfeye studio, which was first unveiled at the TGA awards ceremony a month later. At first glance, you’re likely to think of it as a top looking RPG, but corantonio emphasizes that, by its very nature, it’s an immersive simulation game. Warren Spector, the development director of

, first proposed the concept of “immersive simulation”. This kind of game can be a third person action game or a first person shooting game, but the core of them is choice. The game builds a basic world view and operation mode for you, and then provides a large number of alternative routes to create a real-world experience.

arkane studio has developed a lot of immersive simulation games, which have many similarities with the games developed by corantonio’s team in arkane from 2017.

not long ago, agency D demonstrated a short video of how to play through an online conference. From it, we can see that wolfeye is indeed making an immersive simulation game, but using an unconventional perspective. “The first person is not inherent in immersive simulation games,” said corantonio, co-creator of.

after the online conference of D club, corantonio told the media about the differences between arkane’s similar works and wolfeye’s developers all over the world, and his experience of creating music for the game with his band partner AVA gore.

corantonio also explained the role of game writer Chris Avalon in the project. Last month, several women accused Avalon of sexual harassment, and wolfeye had earlier terminated his partnership with Avalon, according to corantonio.

corantonio has been working in arkane for nearly 20 years, and has been promoting the development of immersive simulation games. He has also participated in QA work. From his early work experience in EA France to production, most of the works that corantonio was involved in developing used the first person perspective. However, he stressed that immersive simulation games should have a deeper connotation.

according to corantonio, “the number of choices a player has” is important – “not just pre written choices, but also choices you encounter in your exploration.”. Due to the high lens angle, the combat appears “more tactical”, but he thinks it is more suitable for the action RPG team formation mechanism of the game, and the exploration area in the game can also adapt to the play styles of different players.
players can tell me how to move forward or how to perform. If the player fails, there is always a chance to stand up and move on. “At least, that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

from a design point of view, there are two factors in the game that add difficulty to the development team. First of all, it pays great attention to dynamic branch tasks and events. The system tracks player behavior and provides events based on the information it collects. Second, all the choices and consequences of the player are permanent.

at present, there are two main game modes. In the first mode, the player will be resurrected in the Ranger camp after death, but everything done before resurrection cannot be cancelled. The other mode uses the setting of character’s permanent death. In permanent death mode, players can collect skull fossils belonging to an ancient civilization to revive themselves, otherwise everything will end. In either mode, players cannot change their behavior. If a member of the team dies permanently, it is impossible to revive.

“this is the way designers want players to experience the game, but we are likely to add some options to ease the pressure on players.” “Saving games is a very controversial topic, and we don’t want to add things that players don’t want,” corantonio said

“more accurately, we extracted the operation mode of a double rocker shooting game, because people are familiar with it and are generally very intuitive. Also, in some of the games I’ve developed in the past, we’ve used the first person conventions, because players are used to it. It’s not going to turn those games into FPS, it’s going to make it easy for players who are familiar with FPs to get started. ”

“it’s hard to describe a game that no one has ever played, but it’s almost like an action version of or.” At this point, corantonio pauses for a moment. “It’s very dangerous to mention specific games because players remember the details of those games and subconsciously compare them to your game.”

although it will provide players with many dynamic elements and huge selection space, it will still tell a core story. The overall plot of the game is scattered in the journey of five playable characters, and players need to play in a specific order.

“there is a reason. Once you use a character clearance game, you can never use it again unless it’s in your team – you can’t control it directly, but he’ll walk with you and retain all the abilities you’ve gained with him. ”

this design undoubtedly poses greater challenges for the development team, but as corantonio said in an interview last year, independent teams “don’t necessarily make small games.”. Wolfeye currently has about 20 members on four continents, he said. During the development, the whole team met twice in Austin and Los Angeles. They had planned to get together every three months, and the next meeting would be held in France, but the new outbreak disrupted their plans.

“what a pity.” “The epidemic doesn’t do much damage to our development because we’re used to remote collaboration, but we do want to get everyone on the team together every three months to enhance friendships and solve problems together,” said corantonio. It will be some time before we meet again. ”

at the TGA awards ceremony in December last year, corantonio and Robbie stepped onto the stage to announce that he was involved in the project. In June, when Avalon was accused of sexual harassment, techland, Gato studios and paradox all voiced their voices, saying their cooperation with Avalon was over. At the time, wolfeye did not make a similar statement.

“there was a time when Avalon was our consultant, but the contract was over before he was charged.” Corrantonio told me, “his job is to direct and work with our writers, but not directly write anything for the game. The game has been iterating. When the game is officially released, even the scriptwriter himself may not know what he wrote

since its first exposure, wolfeye has recruited Lucas Loredo and Erin Lee firesting as narrative designers. In addition, designer and writer Elizabeth lapens é E also participated in the creation of the game.

in 2018, krantonio and AVA Gore formed the band strange wolf, creating and recording the soundtrack of the first trailer. In addition, the strange wolf band also created the final song for DLC.

“we’ve played some very dark music that can map a lot of themes.” “So we decided to pick up the guitar and make music for the trailer of the game. It’s really great that we can control a lot of things in a small team. ”

as creative director, corantonio is willing to interpret the game from another perspective through music, but he points out that Robbie and other developers have also integrated their vision into the project. “Music is one of my hobbies and I’m glad to have the opportunity to use it.”

corrantonio thinks it’s a bit like James Cameron creating conceptual art for his films, or David Lynch recording music for his films and TV series. In a sense, the Gothic and punk music of strange wolf seems to be very suitable for the overall atmosphere.

in fact, corantonio’s passion for game music has a long history. In the first work of arkane studio, you will see a guitarist, corantonio, who plucked the strings It may bring some unusual scenes to players, but it must also contain many elements that players are familiar with.

wolfeye is scheduled to be completed in 2021, with some form of seal testing in the coming months. At present, it is determined to log on to the PC platform, and the host version is likely to be launched in the future.

Author: zmhuaxia