Su Yaqiong, the most beautiful worker in the new era in Qingdao

Anyone who sees Su Yaqiong will be affected by her sweet smile. She is an employee of Qingdao rural commercial bank. Sunshine and laughter are the first impressions of her by many people. Who can connect such a girl with the two cold and terrible words “cancer”? But the reality is always so cruel, people are caught off guard. < / P > < p > one day in 2015, she was busy at her post as usual. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from her stomach. When she was sent to the hospital for examination, she was diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer. At the age of 24, she never thought that she would be associated with cancer. At that moment, cancer, death, the words that were so far away from her were so close to her. “I don’t believe the diagnosis at all. I think the hospital must have made a mistake.” so Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai She went to all the authoritative hospitals one by one, but they all received the same conclusion: distal metastasis is associated with advanced rectal cancer. Doctors estimated that she had only one year left in her life. At that moment, her sky suddenly became dark, and she fell into the abyss of despair. “A 16000 targeted drug, once every 14 days, four injections at a time, that is to say, it costs nearly 70000 yuan at a time, which is too expensive,” she sighed, recalling the predicament at that time. Her parents are all ordinary working class. Her father’s hair turned white overnight and her mother’s face was washed with tears every day at home. In order to prevent the treatment from being interrupted, her parents urged her to sell the house where three of them were living at a low price. Seeing this, Su Yaqiong’s heart hurt like a needle. “At that moment, I really didn’t want to be cured again. I didn’t want to let my parents save their savings It’s all exhausted on me. What should they do when they’re old? ” In the darkest moments, she had collapsed, despaired, and wanted to end her life in an extreme way. Perhaps God also felt sorry for this beautiful girl. At this time, the country deepened the medical reform, and Su Yaqiong’s targeted drug was officially included in the scope of medical insurance. The state provided corresponding assistance to patients who received more than a certain amount of targeted drug injection, and even many people gave drugs for life. She also became one of the patients who benefited from the health care reform. < p > < p > at the same time, the company’s employee security plan also helped her, reimbursement part of the drug costs, thus sharing most of the treatment funds for her. “At that moment, I felt that the national policy, the care of the unit and the love of my family and friends were so warm. From that moment on, I made up my mind to live hard. I was determined to dedicate this warm country to me, and determined to repay those who gave me warmth.” < p > < p > in 2017, after one year and seven months of hospitalization, she was determined to return to her job within a week after discharge. From that day on, she began to work while undergoing chemotherapy. In the past five years, she had chemotherapy every 21 days. She had done nearly 50 times of chemotherapy, 3 times of surgery, 15 years of open surgery, 18 years of left lung metastasis resection, resection of half of the left lung, and 12 days later, she underwent resection of the right lung metastasis. After the operation, she still chose to return to her job. Su Yaqiong’s colleagues told reporters: “except for surgery and chemotherapy, she did not miss a job. She always took the initiative to work overtime and take the initiative to do more. She never wanted to be special because of her own physical reasons. She always sticks to her job except when she can’t stand up due to the reaction of chemotherapy and when she has no strength because of the pain of illness. ” When the reporter asked Su Yaqiong why she chose to stick to her work, she said: “when I was sick, I gained too much warm help and got too much love. I told myself at that time that after I spent the darkest moment, I must do something to repay the world that loves me and the warm society.” < p > < p > in 2020, Xinguan epidemic was rampant. She and her colleagues took the initiative to join the volunteer service team to help Zhanshan community carry out the anti epidemic work. Since the fourth day of the new year, she has been on duty in the community’s anti epidemic service points, recording and measuring the body temperature of foreign returnees and returnees, and has been at the forefront of community anti epidemic work. In the whole nucleic acid testing operation in Qingdao, she and her colleagues once again became a glorious volunteer to register information for residents who came to do nucleic acid testing and maintain the order of the team. “Does your family understand what you’re doing?” “At first, my family didn’t understand. They thought that you were not in good health. Why do you have to work so hard? You have to be a volunteer and fiddle around outside. But I said to my family, since I have the ability to do something to repay the society and realize my own value, why don’t I do it? I don’t feel tired. I feel very proud. ” Only through life and death can we realize that life is full of flowers; if we struggle, we will know how sweet happiness is. Her all-out efforts to life, let us really understand the true meaning of life, not length, but width. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine