Success! Snapdragon 865 + rear HD four camera + 6.6 “screen, Meizu roars

Hello everyone, many people call me “geek”. In fact, it’s not the case. I always use the name “Jinniu God cult leader” in the headphone bar, but I’m afraid that I will be regarded as an organization, so we’d better call me a geek. < / P > < p > many people will think of one thing when they see Meizu for the first time: “that’s Wannian Lianfa branch” Mobile phone mobile phone make complaints about what is wrong with the Meizu. “Why did the Meizu use TAC at that time?” and now the mobile phone industry is popular in the Joint Publishing Department. It only changed its name to “Tianji but it is really a genuine code name”. Actually, I studied history, so I saw this phenomenon, which is summed up in one word: “the hero of the times”, the main industry phone type in the Meizu period. It’s not so much, so many people think that Qualcomm’s Xiaolong is Zhenxiang. But with the sudden change in the industry in 2020, “there are many models now”. On the one hand, people have become bored after watching the Xiaolong chip for a long time. On the other hand, various events in the industry have directly pushed “Tianji” of MediaTek into the code of Zhenxiang < / P > < p > anyway, I think “boredom may account for a larger proportion” what? Because the mobile phone itself is a very subjective thing, if we want to analyze which factors, we must return to the subjective to see the objective things, which is more real. What do you think is the reason why Meizu period has been make complaints about the joint development department? But now the name of “Lian Ji” is really sweet. This is a very interesting question. If you have a good reason, I will send you Sony earphones in private. Mobile phone make complaints about

, but even if the Meizu has been crazy about the “million years of joint development”, it should be ignored. It is that the products of the brand belong to the following mainstream industry: especially the location of the camera head in front of the fuselage of the Meizu mobile phone. The truth is that the truth is that the Meizu does not follow suit. “Here we have to say that at that time, Liu Hai screen and water drop screen were really popular at a certain time point. No matter what brands were doing in succession, there were even many brands mixing bangs and water drops”. At that time, some people really liked such design, some people not only did not like it, but also hated it, and Meizu did not follow the trend at all, and still maintained its own design style During that time, I met the small partners who didn’t like the design of bangs and water drops. Until now, Meizu mobile phone is still with disdain to follow the mainstream idea to do mobile phones, and finally it succeeded. On Meizu 17 series, no matter in terms of appearance, performance or even function experience, it can be regarded as the mainstream flagship style, and its sales volume is stable. < / P > < p > back to the product itself. Here is an example of Meizu 17. Why do you say it? Because its price is quite reasonable, basically in line with the consumption needs of wage earners. At the same time, the overall performance and function can also bring users the mainstream flagship experience effect. In terms of processor, the snapdragon 865 “doesn’t have to worry about it at all” because it was released in May 2020. At that time, what chip was the most popular? It must be 865, and Meizu 17, as the mainstream flagship, “do you think the processor will be bad?” At the same time, the 6.6-inch screen is in line with the mainstream size. It is comfortable in both the appearance and the hand feeling, and it can bring a shocking and non dead corner viewing experience. < / P > < p > in terms of functional photography, how to say “64 million for the main camera and 20 million for the front camera” for the rear four cameras? Anyway, landscape imaging and portrait selfie are very good! However, it is worth noting that it is also the embarrassment of Meizu 17. The cancellation of the 3.5mm earphone hole may not be a big deal for mobile phone enthusiasts, but people familiar with Meizu know that it is a great brand in the audio industry, so it is also the original intention of slightly discarding the brand tradition and embracing the mainstream trend! However, although there are shortcomings, but Meizu timely correction, their own decoding earphone, in the sound quality is not too bad. Therefore, we should look at problems dialectically. < / P > < p > at the end! Meizu 17 is actually one of the alternative flagship products in the mobile phone industry. The reason why it is different is that it is not a mobile phone brand, but a brand in the audio industry. So when you choose it, you should consider three things: “how about the sound quality? What’s the appearance like? How about the performance? ” How do you like it or not. < p > < p > note: the leader does not praise any brand, so it is easy to be questioned as “water army” or “take money”. There will be many readers saying that “Xiaobian XXX” and other disharmonious factors. However, what I said is to judge a product from the perspective of the interests of the majority of users, so that everyone can choose machines rationally. I hope you like < a href= target=_ blank>Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”