Successful anti-cancer people, generally have a common “characteristics”, not by luck, it is worth learning

Cancer patients are a very large group in China. Many cancer patients always feel that their life is not good after finding out the cancer. Whenever they see the people who have succeeded in anti-cancer reported in the news, or those who have successfully cured cancer around them, they always say that they rely on Qi, and finally they still laugh at themselves that they do not have such a good life. < / P > < p > but doctors have seen a lot of patients. After summary and analysis, it is found that the success of anti-cancer does not depend on luck, and quite a number of people have common “characteristics”, which is worth learning. Today, I will mainly analyze what common points the successful anticancer people have in common. The first characteristic is the change of living habits. A lot of cancer patients are because of some bad living habits before and induced the deterioration of the disease in the body, resulting in cancer. For example, many lung cancer patients will be induced by long-term smoking, and most of the patients with gastric cancer are caused by irregular diet or unreasonable structure. < / P > < p > some patients can control themselves as much as possible when receiving treatment, but once they have little effect, they begin to satisfy themselves, and they will continue this bad habit again. But people who are successful in fighting cancer are generally able to persist in changing their previous habits. Those who have been fighting cancer for more than ten or twenty years are able to persist in good living habits and change bad habits for decades. < / P > < p > the second point is that a good attitude can help patients fight cancer. People always say that faith can overcome difficulties, and it can also be applied to cancer. Cancer patients will have some psychological changes because of their cancer, fear, negative, self pity and so on. But can overcome the fear of cancer, with an optimistic attitude towards cancer, after treatment, the curative effect is better. < / P > < p > and when people’s mentality is optimistic, the hormone secretion in the human body will be more stable, which is conducive to the enhancement of the human body’s own immunity and has certain help in fighting cancer. In addition, although some people say that they will insist, they will always have negative thoughts and give up their lives. None of these factors are conducive to anti-cancer. < / P > < p > if cancer is detected, you should know more about the disease and actively face the cancer. You should know that the cure rate of cancer has increased a lot. Even for some advanced cancers that can not be completely cured, it is also possible to control tumor development and prolong the survival period of patients through treatment. < / P > < p > the last common feature is that the diet is more miscellaneous. The miscellaneous here needs to be quoted because many cancer patients do not eat this or that because they are afraid. Finally, the body can not get enough nutrition, and the effect of treatment is not satisfactory. Only if you eat everything and mix a little, you can get nutrition generally. Maintain what the body needs. However, it should be noted that some foods which are easy to cause disease deterioration should also be removed from the miscellaneous diet, such as spicy and high-fat food, which are taboo. More can not be in order to supplement nutrition, blindly buy a lot of maintenance products, tonic not become but easy to hurt the body. < / P > < p > those who succeed in anti-cancer will always share some of their own experience with you. Some people will describe their experience with the word “luck”. But only by learning these experiences and sticking to these habits can we really find that the people who have succeeded in anti-cancer really have these similarities. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine