Suddenly, Apple iPhone was exposed or suspended in Vietnam factory production, what’s going on?

Apple has already had the idea of building a factory in Vietnam to assemble iPhones. But recently, this idea has been shelved by the company. What’s going on? According to Sina Technology’s latest report on August 17, at Apple’s request, the company quickly built an iPhone assembly plant in five months, accounting for about 30 hectares. Unfortunately, according to the final assessment of Apple representatives, the US company may temporarily shelve its plan to produce iPhones at the Vietnam plant because the environmental conditions such as the factory’s dormitories do not meet the requirements. < / P > < p > in order to solve this problem as soon as possible, we are applying for new construction approval from the local government. The company will continue to expand the scale of the factory and set aside two more sites outside the industrial park to build more dormitories and improve the living environment for workers. Up to now, Lixun precision has invested 270 million US dollars in the local area. < p > < p > on August 17, the Indian economic times pointed out that the factories in Vietnam were not only apple factories, but also Samsung factories. It is reported that 50% of Samsung’s smartphones are produced in Vietnam, but the South Korean company is planning to transfer its main production line of smartphones from Vietnam to India, and the value of equipment produced in India in the next five years will be as high as $40 billion. If the news is true, many Vietnamese factories are expected to close. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that if the progress of Vietnam’s iPhone assembly plant is still not smooth, the company is likely to continue to move to China, the world’s factory. As a matter of fact, due to the relatively perfect supply chain and convenient transportation in China, lichen precision has planned to build an iPhone assembly plant in China. On July 17, the company acquired a Chinese iPhone assembly plant from Wistron for $472 million, the report said. < / P > < p > in addition to lichen precision, Apple also has a high enthusiasm for investing and building factories in China. Apple plans to spend $330 million to build a screen factory in Taiwan to provide LEDs and microled displays for future iPhones, iPads, macbooks and other devices, interface news said on June 1. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia