Suggestions on politics · focus on the development of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an important part of building a powerful country in science and technology and implementing innovation driven development strategy. Major scientific and technological innovation will promote the changes of social productivity and production relations, and also affect the adjustment of social life style and ethical order. We invited several CPPCC members to discuss the ethical and legal issues of science and technology in the development of artificial intelligence, and explore how to build a governance framework of artificial intelligence in line with China’s national conditions to safeguard people’s interests and national security.

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Chen Qun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee

Building a good ecological environment for the development of artificial intelligence

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, privacy protection, security control, fairness and other legal and ethical issues have gradually become the focus of social attention and the key to the sustainable development of artificial intelligence industry. Suggestions:

Accelerate the construction of a good ecological environment to promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence. To promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence, in addition to increasing investment in scientific research, promoting talent gathering and enriching policy supply, we also need to focus on building a good development ecology. We should actively build comprehensive research institutions of artificial intelligence, build algorithm evaluation standard system and general algorithm library for the mainstream technology of artificial intelligence, carry out intellectual property protection of algorithms, promote the formulation of enterprise standards, industry standards and local standards for artificial intelligence applications, and carry out the supervision of the development of artificial intelligence industry and the legislation of artificial intelligence data security.

Accelerate the construction of people-oriented artificial intelligence governance system. At the national level, we should build an AI governance framework, set up professional management institutions, strengthen risk and challenge research and judgment, and promote the formulation of national governance rules.

Huang ailing, member of the CPPCC National Committee:

Strengthen the privacy protection of AI applications

Artificial intelligence needs a lot of personal data support, many of which are personal privacy. Strengthening privacy protection is not only the ethical bottom line in the development and application of artificial intelligence, but also an important embodiment of protecting citizens’ right to privacy. Suggestions:

Further promote the app security certification system to improve the implementation effect. The supervision department should further expand the scope of work, increase the cost of violation of laws and regulations, strengthen the publicity and promotion of the reporting platform, encourage the public to actively participate in providing clues to problems, and form a good social atmosphere of national supervision. On the basis of “identification method for illegal collection and use of personal information by app”, targeted and detailed measures are introduced for key fields such as finance, medical care, education, etc.

In addition, privacy information collection should distinguish between “wartime” and “peacetime”, and adhere to the principle of “minimum sufficiency”. For example, if the information collected by “Health Code” is used after the epidemic situation, there should be relevant regulations; the travel information displayed by “travel code” is suggested to be adjusted from the list of areas visited by mobile phone users one by one to the list of medium and high-risk areas only. At the same time, it is suggested to build a “system + technology” governance mechanism, the government, the judiciary, industry, enterprises and other collaborative governance.

Wang Pengfei, member of the CPPCC National Committee:

Strengthen the propaganda and education of science and technology ethics

While advanced science and technology promote the rapid development of society, it will also bring great ethical risks to science and technology, especially in recent years, the rapid development and popularization of artificial intelligence technology has caused ethical and risk problems. Suggestions:

We should strengthen publicity to improve the sensitivity of the whole society to science and technology risks and the cognitive level and ability of science and technology risks. Strengthen the propaganda and education of teachers and researchers, and take the professional ethics, academic ethics and other related contents of teachers and researchers as the important training contents before taking up their posts. In the process of project application and management, the relevant units should strengthen publicity, education and training, and improve the sense of responsibility and legal awareness of scientific research personnel in the aspects of science and technology ethics and science and technology safety. Strengthen the publicity and promotion of national laws and regulations on science and technology ethics in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises.

Strengthen the education of science and technology ethics for college students. We should establish a systematic and multi-dimensional talent training system of science and technology ethics, strengthen the professional and diversified talent training, explore and improve the content setting of science and technology ethics curriculum and the innovation of teaching methods, such as bringing science and technology ethics laws and regulations and other related disciplines into the core curriculum of Higher Education.

(interview by our reporter Yang Hao)

People’s daily (February 4, 2021, 18th Edition)

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)