Suirui technology has launched dual 4K intelligent cameras, leading the trend of video communication in 5g era

In 2020, the epidemic will accelerate the digital transformation of China’s social life and production organization. As the core tool of remote office, telemedicine and distance education, video cloud conference has ushered in explosive growth. With the continuous development of video cloud + industry, ultra high definition video communication has become a just need in the application of telemedicine and other subdivided industries. At the same time, with the advent of 5g era, 4K has become an inevitable trend in the development of video communication industry. In line with the requirements of the times, suirui Technology Group cloud accessories Product Center recently launched the first dual 4K intelligent tracking camera sr-c4k80 in the industry, and its cutting method and appearance enjoy exclusive patents. At the same time, combined with the self-developed sound source localization and face recognition algorithm, sr-c4k80 can automatically lock the speaker during the meeting, so that the speaker can be in position C anytime and anywhere, bringing customers 4K horizon enjoyment and new intelligent experience. < / P > < p > according to Frost & Sullivan, a global authoritative information organization, the growth rate of video cloud conferencing is expected to be 132% between 2018 and 2022. In the future, the market demand of video cloud conference is bound to be more diversified, and the quality requirements of users for services and supporting products will also continue to improve. Users who are used to high-definition visual enjoyment are not willing to return to the mosaic era. < / P > < p > in 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the proposal to vigorously promote the development of ultra high definition video industry and the application in related fields. It is estimated that by 2024, the HD rate of China’s video cloud conference will reach 97.5%, and the overall scale of Ultra HD video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan. < / P > < p > in fact, video cloud conference is not only a part of the enterprise communication ecology, but also has evolved more demands and application scenarios in the subdivided industries. During this year’s epidemic prevention and control period, the medical industry carried out remote diagnosis, remote visit, remote consultation and other telemedicine solutions through HD video cloud conference. In the long run, remote video will better solve the problem of allocation of high-quality resources such as health care and education, which should be based on the acquisition of ultra-high-definition information. < p > < p > the sr-c4k80 dual 4K intelligent tracking camera released by the cloud accessories product center of suirui Technology Group is the first dual 4K lens camera with intelligent tracking function in the industry. It is mainly used in small and medium-sized business conference space. Wide angle lens and optical lens are used to realize smooth switching of double 4K images. 4K panoramic images and 4K close-up pictures are used to provide customers with better HD video experience. < p > < p > in addition to the innovative dual lens design, the sr-c4k80 dual 4K intelligent tracking HD camera sr-c4k80 has the function of automatically locking the speaker through sound source location and face recognition algorithm, which meets the needs of automatic acquisition of ultra high definition face in large and wide angle of small and medium-sized conference rooms, without the need for manual remote control, so that customers can emancipate their hands and focus on communication. < p > < p > sr-c4k80 camera with 110 degree distortion free and large wide angle almost meets the requirements of all participants in small and medium-sized conference rooms. It is combined with the 15x zoom lens with rotating pan tilt, so that customers can enjoy a better experience. Thanks to the strong R & D capability and manufacturing foundation of suirui technology group, the sr-c4k80 camera adopts USB3.0 type-B interface, which ensures stable transmission, and adopts the design of 3M transmission line, which is enough to meet the needs of most application scenarios, making it easier for customers to operate in small and medium-sized conference rooms and to have a better use experience. < / P > < p > at the same time, sr-c4k80 adopts domestic Hisilicon chip, which can be used with localization system and terminal for localization project and scheme deployment. < p > < p > guided by the concept of “for the pleasure of customers”, suirui double 4K intelligent tracking HD camera has been developed and promoted. Through 4K vision and intelligent tracking, the user experience has been greatly improved. At the same time, under the general trend of high-definition development of video cloud industry, dual 4K intelligent tracking HD camera is not only conducive to promoting the integration and development of video cloud services and subdivision industry, but also can promote the perfection and maturity of China’s HD video application industry ecology. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer