Summary of report on geophysical artificial intelligence and information frontier technology

In order to make geophysicists deeply understand the latest progress and cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence application in geophysics, the information technology professional committee of China Geophysical Society and the geophysical technology committee of China geophysical society jointly held an online academic seminar on August 1, 2020. The duration of the special report is one and a half hours, and the discussion is half an hour. The meeting was presided over by researcher Chen Huizhong, deputy director of information technology professional committee. More than 450 experts from geophysical exploration and artificial intelligence of Geophysics attended the seminar.

a special guest at the meeting, Professor Zhao Kaixin, vice president and chief engineer of Sinopec Petroleum Geophysical Exploration Technology Research Institute, gave a 90 minute special report, and discussed the application and Prospect of artificial intelligence in petroleum geophysical exploration for 30 minutes.

the report is rich in pictures and texts, and is easy to understand, which benefits the participants. Some participants commented that “president Zhao’s report is wonderful” and “thank you for your wonderful report”. Some colleagues failed to attend the on-site report meeting because of their jobs and asked to watch the video.

Mr. Zhao has long been engaged in geophysical method technology research and software development. His early research fields include resistivity and IP sounding, AVO, seismic dynamic characteristics analysis and reservoir description, seismic data compression, prestack depth migration, etc. in the past 20 years, he has mainly engaged in seismic exploration data processing and interpretation technology research and software development, high-performance computing and other information Research on the application of information technology in the petroleum industry, presided over the technical development planning, software product development and information technology application of Sinopec Petroleum Geophysical Technology Research Institute. In recent years, he is mainly engaged in the research and development of π – frame seismic exploration software platform based on big data technology, and currently focuses on the application research of artificial intelligence technology in petroleum industry. Through personal practice and refining in the work, the paper shows the situation and challenges faced by petroleum geophysical exploration, the characteristics and methods of digital transformation, the road of digital transformation of petroleum geophysical exploration, the technical toolbox of digital transformation, automatic processing and intelligent interpretation, future development scenarios and challenges.

the conference was held in the form of Tencent video conference. This is also a new attempt to carry out academic exchanges to adapt to the new epidemic prevention and control work. Limited by the number of people in Tencent’s free conference venue, the upper limit of 300 people in the conference room was quickly filled. In addition, there were 150 people watching the live broadcast of the conference. The holding of this conference made us realize that online interactive academic exchange can achieve the effect of on-site communication. The first online communication has accumulated some experience, and I believe this form will become one of the main forms of academic exchange in the future. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

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