Sun Honghe: a set of practical sales mode, a systematic method of quick transaction

After practicing for so many days, it’s time to go down the mountain to verify how strong your martial arts are and how much your ability is. In the first part, sun Honghe has taught you how to establish your own sales model. Now it’s time to verify whether your sales model is suitable for the market and consumers? < / P > < p > in the process of verifying our sales model, we should learn to observe what we say and what we say, and take different measures for different types of consumers with different personalities. Sun Honghe told you a case of a few years ago. There was an old gentleman who took blood pressure in our activity place every day. Through communication and communication, this old man was a retired employee. He had to spend more than 3000 yuan a month on his pension. He didn’t have any hobbies. He was in the process of communication and communication We found that the old man wanted to buy our products very much, but he was always hesitant. On the fourth day, we began to give the old man a trial pack, one a day, and asked him to go back to eat by himself. After two days of eating, he came to our activity site. He looked very unhappy, and there were many on his face The wound, after our inquiry, the old man said that the wound on his face was scratched by his daughter, because he ate our products, his daughter was very dissatisfied, said we were cheaters, and beat the old man. At that time, we were also relatively young, very angry, this is what age, did not hear the child hit his father, so he said to the old man, you let go If your daughter beats you again, we’ll help you out. After a few days, the old man came back with his injury and was beaten by his daughter. Then we took him to the neighborhood committee to find out the situation. The people in the neighborhood committee said, this matter, as the community knows, the old man has a lot of pension after he retires. His daughter is in charge of his work, and his money is still dominated by his daughter. He doesn’t give the old man any money. Usually, he doesn’t even give a dress The old man bought it, let alone bought health care products for the old man. The neighborhood committee has also mediated many times, but it is still unable to solve the problem, and they have no way. < / P > < p > in this case, what should we do? Later, we came up with a proposal. After discussing with the leader of the neighborhood committee, we held a selection activity in the community. Through this selection, we selected filial children and also the most filial children. At the same time, we sponsored and provided products. In this process, we carried out a lot of publicity, found the media, reported in time, and the same At that time, we invited the leaders of the children’s units to participate in the activities, because the community we were engaged in at that time belonged to the staff and workers’ family home, which were all employees of the same unit. We asked the leaders of the neighborhood committee to cooperate with the unit to issue notices and conduct a large selection of filial piety within the unit. The evaluation results will be linked with the staff assessment. The daughter of this old man will certainly receive the notice 。 < / P > < p > in the selection process, we told the old man to see if your daughter’s attitude towards you has changed, and tell us in time that if not, the old man’s daughter’s attitude towards the old man has changed 180 degrees. He bought clothes for the old man and took him to the park to play. The old man is like a different person. We let her know the final result One of the 20 filial children was selected. When the selection meeting announced the results, the daughter cried in a mess. Because our products were sponsored by this activity, and in the process of our activities, we helped the neighborhood committee solve the problems of the old man, so she supported us very much. After this activity, our products were sold in the community Sales are also very good. < / P > < p > in this case, normally speaking, we can’t control the situation of these consumers’ families when we do activities. However, we find an opportunity in this case. This old gentleman is controlled by his own children and has no autonomy and decision-making power. In this case, we make use of the relationship between him and his daughter to pass the Coordination with relevant departments, through public opinion control, to solve this problem, and improve sales and product visibility, reputation, so, in the process of doing sales activities, we must learn to analyze the type of customers, find the connection between us and customers, and solve the problems in sales through various means and ways. In 2014, sun Honghe cooperated with the women’s Federation to provide free entrepreneurship education and training for Baoma in the community, foster 100 Baoma to start their own businesses, cooperate with universities and solve the entrepreneurship problems of college students. The core logical thinking is the same. A good social public welfare activity is the most powerful push Wide range of weapons. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!