Suning 818iqoo brand day: 818 yuan can kill 5g mobile phone

[pconline information] iqoo is a brand with strong performance, excellent configuration and user-friendly price. The series of mobile phones launched by iqoo this year are products with good product experience and good reputation. Today, Suning e-buy launched the 818 iqoo brand day, which costs 818 yuan to kill 5g mobile phones. There are many 5g cool phones that can save 300 yuan. Those who like iqoo should not miss today. < / P > < p > first of all, iqoo5, the latest flagship mobile phone of iqoo, has started to make an appointment. If you make an appointment for 0 yuan, you will have a chance to win this new machine with full pile of materials. In addition, there are more surprises today. If you buy iqoo z1x 6 + 128G at 20:00 today, you can get 818 yuan per second. If you are busy at this time and miss it, you can also get a 100 yuan reduction in purchase today, interest free for three periods, and Netease Bluetooth headset is also given to you, which is also very favorable. Students can also give you a backpack when they buy it. Don’t miss it. In addition, popular models such as iqoo, neo3, iqoo 3 and other models are purchased on the whole time, and flash charger is also given away. Many models have different levels of preferential benefits, which can not be missed. < p > < p > iqoo z1x, the representative of 5g cost-effective magic machine, has three bright and beautiful colors: sea blue, ruiku black and rippling white. The three seemingly simple colors have their own differences. The sea blue version, which means the deep blue ocean, shines like the sea water under the light. It’s exciting to watch. The front uses 6.57 inch LCD pole full screen, the screen resolution reaches FHD +, 98% sRGB color saturation, and can support coverage of dci-p3 gamut, the display effect is still good. In other aspects, this screen has a 20:9 long screen ratio, with a proportion of up to 90.4%. It looks very fashionable and can bring a very good visual experience. More importantly, this screen supports 120Hz high refresh rate display, which can bring more comfortable display effect in daily use or playing games. You can’t go back to the 60Hz world once you use it. In terms of performance, iqoo z1x is equipped with the midrange and high-end processor of Qualcomm, snapdragon 765G, and adopts the current industry-leading 7Nm process. You should know that the snapdragon 765G uses the same kryo 475 CPU as the previous generation of the flagship snapdragon 855, with the main frequency of 2.4GHz. On the GPU that is more related to the game experience, the snapdragon 765G uses the advanced Adreno 620 GPU, which makes the graphics rendering speed of the mobile phone 10% higher than that of the previous generation, making the video and game run more smooth. In order to meet the needs of users, iqoo z1x also supports up to 8 + 256gb large memory combination. Among them, 8GB of running memory can ensure the smooth operation of large-scale applications, multi task processing is easy to handle different types of tasks, providing users with smooth multi task running experience. At the same time, it also has 256gb flash memory, which can hold more apps, photos, videos, etc., without worrying about the limited storage capacity. < p > < p > iqoo z1x adopts a 48 megapixel main camera + 2 million image virtual camera + 2 million pixel macro lens. Even in the scene with poor light at night, iqoo z1x’s night scene shooting is also acceptable. Thanks to the new super night scene 2.0, iqoo z1x can cope calmly even in the night scene, and the activity period is as low as 1698. However, iqoo neo3, the king of 2000 yuan, has brought the price of the snapdragon 865 to 2698 yuan. Today, the price can be reduced by another 200 yuan. There are 299 yuan worth of earphones and interest free for six periods. Since there is such a big discount, what is the performance of this mobile phone? A 6.57 inch LCD pole full screen with a resolution of 2408 * 1080, supports DCI P3 color gamut and HDR 10 display standard, plus 20:9 screen proportion and 90.4% super high screen proportion, which brings better display effect and longer grip feeling. 144hz refresh rate, also full of sincerity. The refresh rate is 20% higher than that of 120Hz, which can bring more smooth touch experience, less dragging and tearing feeling in dynamic pictures. However, in today’s 5g fuselage space, it still retains 3.5mm headphone interface, and supports hi fi technology and dual stereo speakers, providing users with high-efficiency, real low delay game listening and debating experience. The processor of iqoo neo3 is the high pass snapdragon 865 on the Android ceiling, with the highest frequency of 2.84 GHz. UFS 3.1 ultra fast flash memory brings faster continuous reading and writing speed, and can open various games and applications more quickly. With the powerful performance of snapdragon 865, it can achieve faster running speed. In terms of service life, the iqoo neo3 has a 4500 MAH battery and a flagship 44w ultra fast flash charge. In a short time, the battery power of the iqoo neo3 is enough for half a day. < p > < p > now Suning 818 Shopping Festival has been opened. As a strong iqoo brand, many of its models have different degrees of interest free and discount. So what are you waiting for now? Come to Suning e-buy to participate in today’s iqoo brand Day Carnival. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo