Suning easy to buy 818 with the old for the new big bleeding: 1000 yuan new machine coupons do not grab, do not grab!

As we all know, Apple’s mobile phone is coming out of the 12th generation, but there are still some “iPhone 6S nail holders” who insist on not changing their phones. These iPhone 6S hard core users even face cook’s remote casting: change the old iPhone card! Change card! But they still insist that they will never change planes, and they will have to fight for another two years! < / P > < p > but do they really choose to stick to it because of “love”? I’m afraid not. To put it bluntly, we may still think that the new mobile phone is too expensive. It’s a pity that the old one can still be used! It is better to participate in the activity of exchanging the old for the new on Suning e-buy! < p > < p > we should know that Suning has always been the main position of exchanging old mobile phones for new ones, and has made great achievements before. According to the data released by Suning, at present, the permeability of replacing the old with the new is as high as 25%, the worry free permeability is as high as 18%, the design permeability of new machine is as high as 40%, and the permeability of Suning fast repair is as high as 10%. It can save 2 billion for consumers in one year by replacing the old with new ones / interest free by stages, and 20 million for consumers with affordable maintenance / repair subsidies. From these achievements, we can see that the majority of consumers show a strong interest in exchanging old mobile phones for new ones. So back to 818, what can we all take advantage of Suning? < p > < p > in fact, there are quite a lot of benefits. For example, as long as an old mobile phone recycling order is submitted, Suning will automatically issue new machine coupons with a total of 1000 minus 100, a full 1000 minus 200, and a full 1000 minus 500 new machine coupons, and the maximum amount of new machine tickets with a maximum of 1000 minus 1000 will be returned to you. < / P > < p > if you don’t understand this, Xiaobian will tell you more frankly. For example, if you like the iPhone 11, and you happen to have an old mobile phone in your hand, you can participate in the trade in activity. If your old mobile phone has enough weight, you may get a maximum subsidy of 1500 yuan. And you can make a good calculation. A brand new iPhone 11 is only 4000 yuan + now. If you can get the 1500 yuan subsidy, you may only need 3000 yuan or less to take the phone home. < / P > < p > in addition, some friends may worry about whether some privacy information on old mobile phones will be exposed? After all, there is a lesson for Mr. Chen. However, we can rest assured that Suning will crush personal privacy information 100%, so we don’t have to worry about the disclosure of private information. < / P > < p > finally, I’d like to share with you a huge welfare. If you happen to be a Suning super member, the price of the old mobile phone will be increased by 10%, which may mean that you can replace yourself with a new model of high configuration version! After all, 64GB is enough now? It doesn’t smell good to replace it with 128GB? Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!