Suning store computer opening season, there is no pressure to update and upgrade

After half a year of online classes at home, the students’ party will finally usher in the new semester in the second half of the year. Presumably, the half year of online class at home has exposed many problems to everyone’s computers. As the most powerful productivity tool for learning, this half year’s time also makes everyone realize the importance of computers. I believe that many student party members have prepared to purchase new computers in the new semester Yes. < p > < p > from August 21 to September 13, Suning e-shopping stores launched a new school season activity without pressure. Student party members can exchange their old machines for new ones, and they can enjoy a subsidy of up to 1100 yuan for purchasing new machines, which saves a lot of expenses for the student party. At the same time, students can also enjoy special red envelope, table lamp and blind box. < / P > < p > of course, there are also many frugal students whose party doesn’t plan to replace their notebooks. They think that their laptops can be used for a few more years. So Suning store also provides solutions to the problem. First of all, during the school season in September, Suning stores provide free installation, free testing, free cleaning and free pick-up and delivery services for customers It saves a lot of money for the student party, and also solves the pain point that we don’t know how to use computers and where to solve problems. < / P > < p > if the computer problems are still relatively large, you can also come to the store to enjoy the original price of 158 yuan, the activity price of 58 yuan of computer deep cleaning and maintenance package service, and if you want to speed up the computer upgrade, you can also come to the store to consult the computer hard disk upgrade service, which can provide great discounts for student party members. < / P > < p > many students bought Apple computers, but they couldn’t get used to the apple system, and they couldn’t change the system themselves. During the school season, Suning stores also provided preferential benefits for dual system installation of Apple computers, including 599 yuan for installing genuine windows and 169 yuan for installing trial version windows. During the beginning of the school season, Suning stores will open more welfare services for everyone in succession. Students in need can go to the store to experience it. There is no need to worry about learning in the new semester and opening the black. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!