“Super big cup” flagship shooting comparison, vivo X50 PRO + wins Huawei?

In order to make sharing and creation more convenient, mobile phone manufacturers have made many attempts in shooting in recent years, so they have realized the powerful shooting ability on mobile phones. The “super large cup” model is often more prominent in shooting. After all, it can realize “stacking” at no cost and pursue more extreme shooting performance. Among them, Huawei P40 PRO + and vivo X50 PRO + are the two most representative models. “Which one is more powerful” and other issues are frequently discussed in the circle of digital enthusiasts. < / P > < p > if you want to know which mobile phone has stronger shooting power, you can draw a conclusion by comparing the actual shooting directly. Let’s have a brief understanding of the camera parameters of the two models. Huawei P40 PRO + adopts a 1 / 1.28 inch large bottom ryyb array of 50 megapixel super sensing main camera, and is equipped with 40 million pixel movie / ultra wide angle lens, 8 million pixel super zoom lens, 8 million pixel long focus lens and 3D depth lens. The vivo X50 PRO + features a 1 / 1.28 “super sensitive main camera with a super large bottom of 50 million pixels, and is equipped with a 32 million pixel portrait lens, a 13 million pixel super wide angle lens and a 13 million pixel periscope long-range lens. < p > < p > in the daytime scene with sufficient light, the shooting power of the two models is basically at the same level, but the color adjustment is different. Huawei’s P40 is more visual. Vivo X50 PRO + is more radical in color, has higher color restoration saturation for sky and trees, and has brightening treatment for dark part, and has higher eye-catching degree. < / P > < p > and when shooting at ultra wide angle, we can see that the field of view of vivo X50 PRO + is obviously wider, and can capture more information, which is more in line with the definition of “wide” in ultra wide angle. After all, Huawei’s P40 PRO + ultra wide angle lens is 40 megapixel level, so it is slightly better in detail processing. < / P > < p > when photographing Miss sister, I can obviously feel that vivo X50 PRO + is more handy. After all, it is equipped with a professional portrait lens, which not only has better background virtualization ability, but also has more perfect skin beauty for little sister. Using Huawei P40 PRO + to shoot Miss sister is a bit flat, almost no bright spot. < / P > < p > night scene shooting is the strong point of the two models, so night shooting naturally needs to be compared. Through the real sample, we can see that the vivo X50 PRO + can control the white balance more accurately, and perfectly restore the warm color light. Huawei P40 PRO + directly restores the light to white, but retains more details. As for noise control, highlight suppression, brightness and other aspects, the two models are basically at the same level, and both have good performance. < / P > < p > generally speaking, both models can bring good shooting experience and have the ability to control multiple scenes. However, in the face of portrait shooting, vivo X50 PRO + has more advantages, after all, equipped with professional portrait lens. Therefore, if you want to take a picture of your little sister’s most beautiful appearance, choose vivo X50 PRO +. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine