“Super big cup” is not a game of mouth, vivo X50 PRO + Photography really has two brushes

Nowadays, many manufacturers have begun to take the route of “one series of three models”. These models are divided into “medium Cup”, “large cup” and “super large cup” according to product positioning. Among them, the “super large cup” model should provide the most top-level experience in all aspects. Is it the same with the vivo X50 PRO + which was officially launched not long ago? After a period of experience, it can be clearly said that this model is definitely worthy of the titles of “super large cup” and “image flagship”, especially the shooting experience is almost “perfect”. #Vivo X50 # < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, vivo X50 PRO + is not introduced too much. The overall style is consistent with “medium Cup” and “large cup”, but a “Camel” color is added, and the texture of plain leather is very delicate. Of course, the biggest highlight of the camera is the image configuration. The front is equipped with 32 million pixel high-definition self shooting lens, and the rear main camera adopts Samsung gn1 sensor. It has a 1 / 1.3-inch super large bottom, 50 million ultra-clear pixels, and four in one pixel area reaches 2.4um. At the same time, it also provides 100 million pixel photographing mode, so as to meet the more demanding shooting requirements. In addition to the super large bottom main camera, the camera is also equipped with 32 million pixel professional portrait lens, 13 million pixel periscope long focus lens and 13 million pixel ultra wide angle / macro lens. < / P > < p > vivo X50 PRO + can be described as stacking to the top in terms of hardware, but the excellent shooting experience never only depends on the hardware, and the optimization at the software level is also very important. In fact, I don’t worry about the software optimization of the machine. After all, vivo has relatively mature shooting algorithms in all scenes, so it has brought a lot of super rich shooting methods, such as 60 times super zoom, super night scene, star mode and so on. < / P > < p > vivo X50 PRO + can be seen directly through the sample sheet! The picture below is a picture that is shot in the hand-held state. It has good control over the exposure. Even if the color in the scene is more complex, there is no color deviation. As for details, the “m” logo on the M bean can be clearly seen after zooming in, and there is no obvious smear trace, which shows that it has a good ability to analyze the details. < / P > < p > when taking food photos, vivo X50 PRO + can appropriately enhance the color saturation, making the pictures more eye-catching at the visual level. For example, the beef rolls in the picture below are more ruddy than the real ones. In addition, the details also continue to be of high level. The texture of the meat is very delicate, which makes it easy to arouse the appetite. < / P > < p > since the main camera of vivo X50 PRO + has a 1 / 1.3-inch super bottom, it is undoubtedly more desirable to shoot at night. In the actual shooting, this expectation has not become a disappointment. After turning on the night mode, the brightness of the picture will be significantly improved, and there is no visible noise in the dark, and the purity is maintained quite well. In addition, due to the mature night scene algorithm, the highlight light source on both sides of the screen is suppressed, and no obvious glare phenomenon appears. Of course, its excellent detail resolution also allows the facades of buildings on both sides to retain more details, which is worthy of praise. < / P > < p > 60x super zoom is one of the highlights of vivo X50 PRO + images. The performance in the actual experience is really good, and the switching between different focus segments is relatively smooth. Through the sample below, we can see that even in different focal segments, the color style is very uniform, so the visual impression is quite comfortable. At the same time, even in 60x mode, the picture can still present rich details. The font above the building’s exterior wall is clearly visible, and the ability to shoot in the long-range is worth praising. In terms of ultra wide angle shooting, vivo X50 PRO + also has a good performance. As can be seen from the figure below, the picture can obviously contain more information and has more impact. It is worth mentioning that the control of distortion and distortion is quite good, which brings more natural visual impression. As for exposure, color, white balance, there is no need to say, to maintain a consistent high level. < / P > < p > for vivo X50 PRO +, which has two titles of “Super Cup” and “professional image flagship”, it really achieves the top level in the industry in terms of shooting, and can present nearly “perfect” pictures in multiple scenes. At the same time, when shooting for a long time, the mobile phone maintains a stable shooting experience throughout the whole process, focusing is accurate and fast enough, and there is no obvious heat trace on the fuselage, and the shooting comfort is consistent. There seems to be no reason to refuse the vivo X50 PRO + model, which has excellent imaging capability. What do you think? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?