Super wide angle lens can make a sense of fashion? These elements are important for photographers to teach online

Today’s mobile phone in the imaging system has been greatly improved, and before the addition of SLR camera only long focus lens, super wide angle lens and other professional lens. As a photography enthusiast, I think it is necessary to mention the super wide angle lens. Although it is a focal segment that many people tend to ignore, it can take a lot of unique portraits, landscapes and other photos, and the film is very large. < / P > < p > a few days ago, oppo launched the “super wide angle video activity” on Weibo. This summer, the microblog photography blogger @ Lin Haiyin shared some tips on taking photos with super wide angle with find x2 pro. I think it’s very practical, especially for female children who like to take pictures. < p > < p > Photo blogger @ Lin Haiyin shared on her microblog: “lower the plane and shoot upward from the flowers that can be seen everywhere. While taking flowers and plants as the foreground, you can also get a picture that is different from the perspective of head up view”. In the photo, you can see the elongated fan and the flower at the front end, combined with find x2 Pro’s natural full color, is very suitable for recording vibrant summer. In terms of shooting angle, @ Lin Haiyin, a photography blogger, shared: “we can shoot down, and in the ultra wide-angle focal section, we can bring more environment. In addition to people on the grassland, we can also bring beautiful flowers nearby, which can fully show our current environment”. In this photo shared by @ Lin Haiyin, we can not only take pictures of people on the grassland, but also bring beautiful flowers nearby to show our current environment Color saturation and find x2 pro’s super wide angle has 4.3 times the picture size, which can bring more scenes than usual. If you want to record more scene details in the photo, you must try this focus. < p > < p > Photo blogger @ Lin Haiyin shares in the composition: “observe the lines in the picture more often, let the lines become the elements in the composition, which makes the extension of the picture stronger”. In this photo, we can see that @ Lin Haiyin skillfully uses the arc shape of the tree top to make the composition, and the color of the green skirt is very unified with the environment, and has a kind of body The feeling of being there. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 Pro also performs well in the dark indoor environment. In this photo, photographer @ Lin Haiyin shares: “when composing a picture, we should consider the extension of lines and the unity of colors”. In the picture, we can feel the beautiful lines of the building and the color with retro flavor, which also shows the find x2 Even in the dark environment, the color reduction of Pro is still very high. < / P > < p > because find x2 Pro’s excellent color expression and powerful night shooting function can be seen in the night photos shared by the photographer @ Lin Haiyin. Although the back lights are very bright, the details of the characters are still bright and clear. Even the rich colors in the lights are recorded, and the real colors in the night scene are restored. The buildings and the legs in the photos are due to the super wide angle lens With the extension, the building is more magnificent, the figure proportion is also very beautiful, and the ability to control the distortion is also very satisfactory. < / P > < p > through the online teaching of photography blogger @ Lin Haiyin, do you feel that your photography level has also been improved? It is worth mentioning that in the teaching, we can see that oppo find x2 pro’s ultra wide angle lens can take very good pictures in a variety of scenes, because oppo find x2 Pro can take very good pictures The super wide angle of Pro is equipped with the flagship sensor imx586. It has 48 million pixels, a 1 / 2 size of the bottom, and F / 2.2 aperture, which makes the image quality of photos taken with super wide angle comparable to that of conventional focal length. < / P > < p > in summary, oppo find x2 pro’s ultra wide-angle lens has excellent performance in strong sunlight outdoor, indoor with dark light environment and night environment, and can be used for shooting in a variety of scenes. In the “open a little bit” activity held by oppo this summer, netizens have also aired the use of find x2 The super wide angle photos taken by Pro can not only feel the powerful image expression of find x2 pro, but also open our view of the world and find more interesting pictures. < / P > < p > in addition, oppo also prepared gifts for this event. If you post photos taken in ultra wide angle mode of your mobile phone on Weibo, and bring some interesting topics this summer and @ oppo, you will have a chance to be overturned by oppo official micro blog and get a pair of oppo enco W31 wireless noise reduction headphones. If you are also interested in this activity, please pick up your find x2 Pro records the beauty of life with super wide angle lens. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year