Support Huawei and boycott apple, but do you know the consequences of boycotting apple?

Since Huawei was officially added to the list of entities, the call for banning Apple sales has been very high. Although some people have called for banning Apple sales before, the reason for most people at that time was that the price was relatively high. Of course, some of them were out of the psychology of rejecting alien species. No way, because in 2010, apple founder Steve Jobs brought a classic product that still talked about with great interest! But the iPhone 4 was too popular at that time. If we look at the iPhone 4 from the present perspective, you will find that the reason why it was so popular that other products were embarrassed was not all because of the design, but because it was driven by the background of the times. < p > < p > Apple has also entered the Chinese market through the iPhone 4, and gradually replaced other brands as the big brother of mobile phones with its powerful performance and Jinheng performance. Now more than a decade has passed, and apple is about to release the latest iPhone 12 series. It is reported that the iPhone 12 is the last product of Mr. jobs’ good friend cook during his tenure. Therefore, it will adopt the retro design integrated with cook’s concept. In Cook’s words, he wants to pay tribute to jobs and draw a perfect end to his apple life. It seems that the development of apple is still unknown, which makes people listen to it very heavy. Although the iPhone 12 has been given the emotional color of bulk density, its performance is still unknown. However, this does not stop us from making an assumption. If the iPhone completely disappears from the Chinese market, what impact will it have on the Chinese mobile phone industry and users? < / P > < p > no product in the world can escape the changes of time and times. The main reason why iPhone became popular at the beginning was that the mobile phone industry was in a bottleneck at that time and there was no progress. Now that the bottleneck has come again, can Apple break the bottleneck of the times as it did at the beginning? No one can tell, so we can only plan for the worst. So, just like the previous assumption, what will happen if the iPhone completely disappears from the Chinese market < / P > < p > because I have made a complete consideration, I put double quotation marks on the word “Qiu”, because on the one hand, domestic mobile phone brands have always regarded apple as the biggest enemy. In the most fundamental interest, Apple has taken the biggest profit in the market, although its market share and sales are not very good. Therefore, after the complete disappearance of iPhone from the Chinese market, the competition between domestic mobile phone brands will be more intense, because the departure of iPhone has released a lot of profit space. Therefore, the domestic mobile phone industry may be in chaos for a while, after all, Apple’s profit is quite a piece of cake. Therefore, in order to compete for this cake, it is very likely that the current big brands will disappear in the competition, thus making it hard to find an opportunity. < / P > < p > but there is another possibility that if the iPhone disappears completely from the Chinese market, it will release a large number of users. According to statistics released by an unknown statistical agency, although iPhone sales and market share are small, its product coverage is actually the first. Among them, there are countless iPhones obtained through unofficial channels, especially the Hong Kong version and the US version, which are imported into the domestic market. Therefore, if these users are released, it is likely that the number of domestic brand users will surge, and even lead to the situation that supply exceeds demand. After all, we know that Huawei’s sales volume is only 200 million units a year, so it is not impossible to find such a machine. < / P > < p > as we all know, there is another reason why iPhone can become famous in China because of its high price. At that time, apples were almost sky high. At that time, a Hong Kong version of the iPhone 4 was still the lowest memory version, which had been fired to more than 6000 in China. Xiaobian was deeply impressed. At that time, Xiaobian paid more than 6000 yuan to get a black version of apple 4. The reason why the price of iPhones at that time was sky high was that they could not do without scalpers and bad merchants. < / P > < p > among them, the most popular time for scalpers was the era of iphone5s and iPhone 6. At that time, the era of big screen was about to begin to transition, and the broader visual experience of iPhone 6 was extremely shocking. Therefore, in order to get the iPhone as soon as possible, many people will choose to find some overseas purchasing agents with resources. In addition to paying a lot of money, this type of model does not enjoy any official services in China. It is reported that at that time, the scalpers’ profit from selling a machine was equal to the price of a new one. If the iPhone completely disappeared from the domestic market, it would be no surprise that these scalpers would rise again. < / P > < p > we can see from the whole ecosystem of iPhone that every link in its ecosystem is very willing to cooperate with apple. One of the biggest reasons is the revenue, such as mobile phone case, data line and other third-party accessories industry. And personal app developers derived from the times. With the help of the iPhone brand, they can earn twice or even several times more than the domestic brands. For example, for a mobile phone case, he doesn’t have to worry about overstocking and sales of Apple’s mobile phones. On the contrary, it’s not as good as domestic mobile phone brands. App developers are even more miserable. According to the developers, although the iPhone regulatory system is several times as strict as the Android system, it can provide each developer with stable income and opportunities to improve their skills. If the iPhone disappears completely from the Chinese market, these app developers will have to look for another way out, because after losing the apple platform, no one can guarantee their profits, and their development results will become too cheap. This is not without basis, because according to a report released last year by sensor tower mobile application analysis company, apple can provide developers with an average revenue of about 64% higher than that of Android application publishers. Last year, the app store’s revenue reached 519 billion US dollars, which was higher than the revenue of Huawei, a domestic mobile phone brand, in a whole year. If you don’t believe it, I’ll tell you that more than 85% of the $519 billion total goes entirely to third-party developers or businesses. It can be imagined that the income of app developers is very considerable and incomparable to the Android application market, and the future of these developers is very worrying after the complete disappearance of iPhone from the Chinese market. Of course, if the iPhone disappears completely from China, the supply chain will suffer the most. Although apple is an American company, almost all the parts on the iPhone come from China. The assembly of the iPhone is completely completed by Chinese factories. It can be said that apple is supporting many Chinese enterprises. According to statistics, in addition to the iPhone, China’s OEM manufacturers cooperate with apple to produce hundreds of millions of devices every year. In addition to these large enterprises, there are also those focusing on iPhone accessories. Because the iPhone has a long service life and a high value preservation rate, even the previous generation of products are still very popular, so they can not only reduce the investment in accessories, but also maintain a long-term revenue and expenditure cycle. If the iPhone does disappear from China, the cost of these supply chains is enormous. < / P > < p > you might say that without apple, other domestic brands can also eat this part of the deficit to ensure their lives. That said, but their income should be reduced at least a lot. As we all know, the net profit of iPhone is very high, and most of these profits are supported by Apple’s supply chain, and even set up a part of funds to help supply chain enterprises face problems. In addition to the loss of the supplier’s profits, it will inevitably lead to the reduction of personnel. And the whereabouts of these personnel after the reduction has become a big problem. At present, the known major enterprises have a threshold for staff standards, in addition to academic qualifications, there are many other aspects of physical fitness requirements. Therefore, domestic mobile phone companies are likely to be unable to meet the re employment needs of these people. < / P > < p > although it is a bit out of date, from the perspective of analysis, many domestic enterprises and users may not be able to leave apple. On the one hand, from the perspective of personal interests, apple can often provide enterprises and workers with much higher profits than other brands. This is a wonderful thing for enterprises and employees. Although the strength of domestic brand enterprises is gradually improving, the brand awareness has also been significantly improved. However, it would be a tough job to spread out the people supported by apple and let them share it. Under the condition of ensuring the income of suppliers, enterprises and employees unchanged, it may be a very “unhappy” thing for them. However, they are not to blame. Although the iPhone has disappeared in the domestic market, its competitiveness in foreign countries can not be underestimated. Moreover, the foreign market is not equal to the domestic market. There are many changeable factors. Among them, the average service life of foreign mobile phones is far greater than that of the domestic market. In the foreign market, the sales of the best-selling brands in China are likely to be hindered. Without the sales volume, the revenue will be damaged. In the face of the reduced revenue and the situation of so many people waiting for dinner, I am really not happy. In general, the coexistence of iPhone and domestic mobile phone brands in the future is a win-win situation, and each link can maintain a normal and satisfactory state in many aspects. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine