Surpassing Samsung, another domestic brand successfully ascended: 4 new mobile phones entered the top 10 best selling mobile phones

According to the latest news, omdia, a well-known research organization, has released a list of the world’s top 10 best-selling mobile phones in the first half of 2020. According to the list, only three brands entered the list, including five iPhones and one Samsung phone. As the only domestic brand on the list, redmi has four models on the list, becoming the biggest black horse on the list. < / P > < p > the number one is still the iPhone 11, with a sales strength of 37.7 million units. Compared with the first half of 2019, under the influence of the epidemic situation and the international environment, the sales volume of iPhone 11 was 10.8 million higher than that of iPhone XR. With the popularity of 5g, a 4G mobile phone can achieve such a success. Its strength and influence on consumers are self-evident. < / P > < p > No. 5 is the iPhone se2020, with sales of 8.7 million units in the first half of the year. It should be noted that its launch date is April 24. In such a short period of time to achieve such results, we have to say: Apple or apple. The remaining three iPhones on the list are iPhone XR, No. 6, iPhone 11 Pro max, No. 7, and iPhone 11 pro, No. 10. < / P > < p > as the only Samsung mobile phone on the list, the Samsung Galaxy A51 ranks second with 11.4 million units. In the first quarter, 4Gy accounted for 1.3% of the global total. Although affected by the epidemic, Samsung mobile phone still has a great influence in the global market. < / P > < p > as a newly independent domestic brand, redmi has once again become a popular sales professional. The four models on the list are: redmi note8, redmi note8 pro, redmi 8a and redmi 8. < / P > < p > after independence from redmi, new mobile phone products no longer blindly pursue the hot performance experience, but put more cost on improving the user experience: for example, stronger gorilla glass panel, German Rhine eye protection screen, better sound quality superlinear speaker, faster 18W charging power and more convenient infrared remote control function, etc. These good user experience, combined with the ultimate price, make redmi mobile phone the best-selling popular model. < / P > < p > through simple calculation, we can get a data: the sales of iPhone, redmi and Samsung are 68.8 million, 35.3 million and 11.4 million respectively. In terms of sales, apple still has the absolute advantage of crushing. What’s more, in terms of average price and sales, the advantage of iPhone is more obvious. In addition to the iPhone, the other five models on the list are basically 1000 yuan machines, and even two hundred yuan models. No wonder iPhone has taken more than half of the profits of the smartphone industry. < / P > < p > for this list, Qi Ji’s idea is that he not only saw the efforts and achievements of redmi mobile phones, but also saw the huge gap between Android camp and IOS camp in the sales volume of single products. According to the disclosure, apple is preparing a low-cost product strategy. If Apple’s product line launches a series of products such as iPhone, iPad, apple watch and airpods, how does the Android camp want to face such an attack? This is really a problem, and it will be faced soon. The above is Qi Ji’s idea. Code word original is not easy, like remember to pay attention to Qi Ji’s idea, also can like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to chat. The picture is from the Internet, and it is deleted. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia