Surround screen + no button: release of iPhone 13 concept video

According to the news on July 27, reports on the iPhone 12 series have emerged in endlessly. Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that Apple will hold a press conference in September as usual. Meanwhile, it plans to launch a series of new products in the event, including the highly anticipated iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Series, apple watch 6 and the new generation iPad. Although the iPhone 12’s heat hasn’t abated, a new wave of iPhone 13 revelations is on its way.

it is reported that before the release of iPhone 12, some designers have released a 3-minute iPhone 13 concept video on YouTube. From the video, we find that the device adopts a surround screen design that has never appeared so far. The screen surround extends to both sides of the body, and there are no physical buttons on the whole machine. What’s more, we can see that this surround screen iPhone still has a raised style on the rear three camera module and uses lidar sensor.

as for the users who want to buy the high-quality version of the iPhone 12 this year, they may have to wait later. Although the launch of the iPhone 12 series will be held as scheduled in September, the booking and selling time of the low configuration and high-level configuration are not the same, so the so-called “good meal is not late” is just the same.

Author: zmhuaxia