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Entertainment is the thing young people love to do. No one doesn’t like playing games. Whether it’s a beautiful visual game that can bring comfort or an operation game that stresses speed and competition, a variety of games can always help young people find a place to relax. Tablet computer is undoubtedly very suitable for playing games, such as large screen can bring more intuitive game screen. Tablet PC recommends the most game playing glory tablet V6, in the following you will know why it will make you want to stop. With the flagship Kirin 985 chip and 5g communication experience, glory tablet V6 is the first tablet integrating the world’s leading 5g technology and WiFi 6 + technology. The innovative architecture of large and small core network processor can achieve excellent performance, bring ultra-low power consumption, and make the game more durable. The stronger signal capture ability and data transmission ability make the download and update rate of glory tablet V6 game faster than the general network, which can effectively relieve the anxiety of players in the waiting process. < / P > < p > glory plate V6 adopts 8-core mali-g77 GPU for the first time, and its performance and energy efficiency are greatly improved. For game scenarios, Kirin 985 supports Kirin gaming + 2.0. It adopts the newly upgraded AI FM scheduling technology, which can effectively optimize the load of the running processor and the rendering of the rendering processor. In addition, the game associated thread optimization technology is added to dynamically perceive the performance limit of the game and optimize it. Kirin gaming + game performance power consumption model can refine the performance power consumption scheduling to every frame of the game, and realize the in-depth and accurate optimization of the game experience. The game picture will no longer be unclear because of the jam. < / P > < p > 10.4-inch glory flat panel V6 has a 2K high-definition large screen with 84% of the screen ratio, bringing a broader vision; bright and vivid colors, whether small and fresh or wild exciting pictures can bring players a more shocking and immersive visual experience. The symmetrical 4-channel 4-channel loudspeakers located on both sides of the narrow side of the flat panel can express the stereo surround sound effect of the flat panel incisively and vividly, and have the feeling that you can’t extricate yourself from the environment. < p > < p > Tablet PC recommends the most familiar player’s glory tablet V6, 5g popular network, exclusive game acceleration and 2K high-definition large screen will definitely let you enjoy playing games. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865