Tablet computer recommends this entertainment power changshuang is one step ahead

Nowadays, there are many kinds of flat panel in the market, so it is very troublesome to choose the suitable one. Tablet PC recommends glory tablet V6. As the latest flagship tablet computer of glory, glory tablet V6 is not only the first tablet device supporting 5g and Wi Fi 6 + in the world, but also has advanced configuration. It is excellent in all aspects, especially for entertainment and pleasant experience. < p > < p > the glory tablet V6 is equipped with industry-leading 5g technology and wifi6 + technology, and improves 5g technology and wifi6 technology through self-developed chips, so as to bring users a better experience. On the market, the common WiFi 6 products have a bandwidth of 80 MHz and a maximum theoretical connection rate of 1200 Mbps, while the glory flat plate V6 with hi1105 is 160MHz and the maximum theoretical connection rate is 2400mbps. Through the dynamic narrow bandwidth technology, the signal is greatly improved, and entertainment no longer has to worry about signal instability. < / P > < p > the Kirin 985 flagship chip of glory tablet V6, with the leading 7Nm process technology, adopts the architecture of one A76 core plus three A76 medium cores and four A55 small cores, which can bring users higher integration and lower energy consumption. Equipped with Huawei’s DaVinci Rubik’s cube 3D architecture, it has tremendous AI computing power. The 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU greatly improve the performance and energy efficiency, and can bring users a thorough and comfortable experience when operating games. < / P > < p > the glory flat V6 is equipped with a 2K resolution 10.4-inch full screen, with 225ppi screen pixel density, 470nits brightness and 100% sRGB color gamut. The unique sharp screen display technology makes every picture vivid. The four sides of the micro border have only a narrow edge of 7.9MM, and 84% of the screen ratio makes everything have a panoramic view. The picture is bigger and more comfortable when playing, let alone not to mention It has passed the glory plate V6, and has passed the German Rhine t? V low blue light certification and the eye care certification of the National Eye Engineering Center. The dual certification is escort for long-term entertainment, and the eyes are more comfortable. < / P > < p > the glory plate V6 introduces large amplitude speakers, uses 4 speakers and 4-channel symmetrical design, and adopts the independent histen6.1 3D stereo sound effect technology, which can present the real effect of three-dimensional space. AI algorithms help enhance detail and speaker virtual bass. Compared with ordinary two channel stereo, glory flat V6 can release cleaner and pure 3D immersive sound effect. More powerful low frequency and more shocking sound field bring enhanced hearing enjoyment and more real sense of entertainment. < / P > < p > the tablet PC recommends the glory tablet V6. The advanced network technology, advanced configuration and comfortable display design show the excellent entertainment ability of this tablet in various aspects. It is better to start a pleasant journey. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?