Tablet PC recommendation in 2020! It’s worth starting with

With the development of science and technology, all kinds of intelligent products are developing rapidly. For tablet computers, 20 years is a year full of opportunities. Major brands are striving to develop tablet computers with their own characteristics. Among them, glory tablet V6, which is owned by glory, has overcome the weakness of previous tablets and enriched the use scenarios of tablets. It has the name of multi-purpose. Tablet PC recommends this glory tablet V6, both entertainment and creativity. < / P > < p > the design determines the appearance. The glory tablet V6 has a 2K high-definition large screen with high proportion of screens, high saturation color and exclusive “sharp screen” technology to let the vision enjoy gorgeous and rich pictures. At the same time, there are 4 speakers and 4 channels on the upper and lower sides of the flat panel, combined with the histen6.1 3D stereo sound effect technology independently developed by Huawei, which can meet users’ harsh pursuit of sound, and let users feel the 3D surround immersion sound effect and enjoy the immersive video and audio effect when chasing the drama. < / P > < p > in terms of performance, glory plate V6 is equipped with Kirin 985 chip, which adopts Huawei DaVinci architecture NPU, and uses large core + micro core architecture, which has balanced energy consumption performance. Most importantly, the glory tablet is the world’s first tablet product to support 5g and WiFi 6 +, which is the key to improving the user’s entertainment experience. 5g and wifi6 + have high-strength signal capture capabilities, which can provide higher download speed. Whether running games or downloading video, glory tablet V6 can maximize the guarantee that users will not be stuck in the process of using. < / P > < p > glory tablet V6 has the latest magic ui3.0 system, with intelligent split screen, parallel vision and multi screen collaboration functions, so that users can open the tablet to work anytime and anywhere, and work efficiency is improved rapidly. Smart split screen can put two software on both sides of the screen. Thanks to the large screen feature of the tablet, it has enough clarity even when used at the same time. Parallel vision supports glory tablet V6, which can place two identical software interfaces vertically, so that users can operate different information in the same software more conveniently and quickly, and the use efficiency is significantly improved. Multi screen collaboration is more like copying the mobile screen to the flat screen dynamically. Users can operate the mobile screen on the tablet in real time. For example, when watching a play, use the mobile phone screen on the tablet to operate a takeout. Mobile phone and tablet can also drag files with each other, and the transmission speed is very fast. Compared with the previous file transmission mode which needs the support of third-party software, this method greatly improves the work efficiency of users. < / P > < p > the addition of glory magic pencil makes the glory tablet more complete, which greatly develops the potential of the tablet and makes the glory tablet V6 become a more productive product. Glory magic pencil has a 4096 pressure sense, precise positioning of the pen, and ultra-low delay makes the handwriting fit the action of the pen, just like writing with real paper and pen. The glory magic pencil, which weighs 14g and has a diameter of 160mm, has the right weight and size. In addition, it has the texture of micro frosting, which forms a comfortable feeling on the whole. With the use of the stylus, the glory tablet V6 has a built-in stylus application area. There are several handwriting applications to meet the user’s needs in different scenarios. It can not only provide sufficient space for imagination, but also improve learning and work efficiency. In terms of details, the glory tablet V6 with a stylus has the function of off screen shorthand. Pick up the stylus and tap the screen to enter the memo. Whether it’s writing or painting, the fleeting inspiration is captured in minutes. < / P > < p > the tablet PC recommends this comprehensive tablet, and the glory tablet V6 can provide users with assistance anytime, anywhere, in a variety of use scenarios such as entertainment, study and work. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?