Tablet PC recommended designer’s favorite products come!

In the past, designers used to combine the digital board and computer software to complete the illustration design, but the separation of the visual screen and the functional interface made the design not so easy, and the work efficiency gradually decreased between the head up and the head down. For designers, it’s important to have a “digital board” that can display images at the same time to improve efficiency. “Digital board” is the tablet computer that everyone often mentions now, but not all tablet computers are suitable for designers. In many tablets, tablet PC recommends glory tablet V6, which is 2K HD screen and unique design method, designers will love it. < / P > < p > first of all, it is worth mentioning that the glory tablet V6 is equipped with the flagship chip Kirin 985, which is the first tablet computer to realize the parallel operation of 5g network and WiFi 6 + network. 5g network and WiFi 6 + network, as the world’s leading network technology, provide guarantee for higher speed data transmission. Strong signal capture ability enables designers to enjoy the convenience brought by the network no matter where they go. It is very convenient to download painting resources and upload their own paintings. Innovative size core architecture in bringing strong performance while ensuring ultra-low energy efficiency, designers use a lot of software to ensure smooth operation, longer battery life. < / P > < p > for designers, imaging and color are very important. The main body of glory flat plate V6 is 10.4 inches. A large screen with a resolution of 2K is adopted on the front. The whole screen accounts for 84%. It can display pictures or painting interface as much as possible. It is the designer’s favorite comprehensive large screen. The classic RGB color range can meet the designer’s requirements for color. Whether it is for appreciating materials or painting, the low color difference visual effect can make the designer’s works more real and vivid. < / P > < p > from the back, the glory plate V6 is a design work appreciated by designers. The design highlights of this work are mainly reflected in the unique application mode of material and technology of the product, which makes people bright. The back of the whole fuselage is very simple, following the traditional simple design of glory brand. Only one brand logo is displayed in the center by engraving. The inspiration of dingdal texture comes from the physical world. The cross-border design brings a little light to the plate. It is the first flat plate to adopt this texture in the world. In addition, the matte coating technology can not only increase the hardness of the whole plate, but also bring unique visual effect. The fog surface with light and shadow changes, just like the morning fog dancing in the sun in the forest. < / P > < p > the glory plate V6 with the glory accessories glory magic pencil provides help for the designer’s creation, and can become a necessary creation tool for designers. In the pen zone of glory tablet V6, glory provides designers with a series of stylus software, ranging from planning memos to illustration creation. No matter the designer wants to carry out illustration design or sketch sketch, different drawing software provides different painting methods, with more prominent functions. What amazes the designer is that the glory pen is similar to the traditional brush. Both the weight and the diameter are just suitable for the size of the hand to grasp. The micro frosted material makes the brush feel warm and comfortable, which can bring a good mood when creating. The painting process is easy to operate, and it is faster to start. The pressure feeling of 4096 level is the same as that of the digital board brush. The thickness of the line varies with the pressure of the hand. It supports lateral front writing and easily shows shadow effect. The ultra-low delay as low as 20ms ensures the accuracy of the stroke. Compared with the digital board, the delay is lower. The line and the nib are synchronized, and the painting is more vivid. Privacy Policy