Tacit understanding of mobile phone manufacturers: why many flagship mobile phones do not have infrared remote control function?

I replied that not only vivo’s flagship models do not carry them, but many brands have models that do not support infrared remote control. Even Xiaomi, which is often boasted of “integrating thousands of good functions” by rice noodles, also has Xiaomi 8, which does not support infrared remote control. Looking at foreign brands, Samsung’s early mobile phones also had infrared remote control, but they were soon cut off because of the cost. At that time, many users wondered that the cost of the flagship aircraft was several thousand yuan, which was just one infrared sensor? The answer < / P > < p > is a little illogical. You can see that many of Huawei Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phones support infrared, such as Huawei mate20 series, Xiaomi 9 series and even non flagship Hongmi 7 / Note7 series. These two mobile phones are the same as the location of infrared remote control components. Why can’t they be replaced by other brands, such as Samsung? < / P > < p > in fact, we are all mobile phone manufacturers, and “conscience” is not “conscience”. It depends on whether the market demand is strong and whether it is valued by a larger proportion of users. < / P > < p > for example, NFC functions have only become the flagship standard configuration for so many years. In those years, Meizu mobile phones were the first to play NFC cards. For several years in a row, the NFC was still tepid. After Xiaomi and other brands began to publicize NFC, consumers were fascinated by NFC. What you didn’t notice is that NFC bus card swiping is really popular in major cities at this time. < / P > < p > there is no need of the general public. No matter how good the function is, no matter how advanced it is, you have to work hard and wait slowly until the time is ripe and people are willing to pay for it and then place bets. < / P > < p > the blue and green factory was criticized as “low allocation and high price”. In fact, it also followed the same principle. If a large number of its own audiences did not pay attention to it, it was not necessary to be strong. However, in the past two years, OV’s strategy has changed, its configuration has come up, and R & D and innovation have emerged in an endless stream. < / P > < p > go back to the infrared remote control function. Whether or not to cut off the infrared sensor, the brand will not act rashly, do market research in advance, and finally weigh the cost, “all to” or “castration” can be determined. On the other hand, the pace of scientific and technological development is a greater factor. It is undeniable that when people hoped that mobile phones could also control TV, Xiaoai had not been born. And now Bluetooth 5.0, dual band WiFi has become commonplace, the demand for infrared remote control is also greatly reduced. At this time, the flagship does not have to carry this function. < / P > < p > seriously, if you are a vivo fan, you should know that vivo’s y97, z3i and other models also support infrared remote control; and then to a small number of brands, Nokia, which once dominated the world and changed ownership after cooling down, also retains the infrared remote control function on its Nokia 9. It’s a pity that time flies by in a flash, leaving only legends about you. The infrared remote control that cares has been left far behind by the pioneer black technology such as under screen camera. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”