Take a film, follow these 5 steps, the doctor looked at all said good!

B. if there is no obvious gap in the four corners, the X-ray film can be judged by the letter “L” or “R” on the film. L on the right and R on the left is the correct way to place. Generally, there is only one l and r. Take the computer monitor / TV as the background, shoot with camera or mobile phone: the computer monitor / TV has a bright white background, and the size should be able to hold the whole film and shoot directly from the front. (3) the whole X-ray film should be taken as a picture, and CT / MRI should be taken with “small grid” as the unit. It is recommended that 1-4 small grids should be taken into one picture. After completing CT / MRI in some large hospitals, in addition to the original image and examination report, they will also give a CD-ROM containing all the images taken during the examination. < / P > < p > B. when shooting against the background of the window glass, it is necessary to choose a sunny day. The small series of simulation shooting catch up with cloudy and rainy days, which affects the shooting effect; taking the monitor as the background, it is not affected by the weather. < / P > < p > D. the camera must be switched to “macro mode” when shooting and turn off the flash. If there is a tripod, fix it with a tripod to avoid shaking; if not, place your elbow on the table to prevent shaking. In short, the hand can’t shake, and the fuzzy film will seriously affect the consultation effect. < p > < p > it is recommended to use the display as the background for CT / MRI. The size of the display has no effect on the split shooting. This kind of shooting has fewer disadvantages and is closest to the effect of a special “light box”= https://twhosting.com/category/science-discovery/ target=_ blank>Science Discovery

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