Take the perfect self photo easily! Vivo S7 front dual camera combination, natural more clear

Vivo has always adhered to the brand spirit of “dare to pursue the ultimate and continuously create surprise”. This can be seen from the powerful 5g mobile phones launched by vivo. Recently, vivo, which continues to create surprises, has brought a “selfie benchmark” vivo S7 for the majority of users. The appearance of this mobile phone can be said to have subverted users’ limited cognition of mobile phone self portrait performance. So, what is the performance of the new vivo S7 in the actual experience?

as we all know, vivo s series has always had a very strong strength in self shooting, and this brand-new vivo S7 is no exception. The camera is equipped with the highest pixel self shooting camera in the industry. The two cameras are 44 million UHD PDAF auto focusing main camera and 105 ° ultra wide angle auxiliary camera. Moreover, it supports many functions such as super wide angle self shooting, super night scene self shooting 2.0 and pre-4k ultra clear video recording, which almost meets the self shooting needs of users in all aspects.

thanks to the front ultra wide angle function, vivo S7 can present a more shocking self portrait beauty when taking self portraits. You can see the following picture, which was taken in the ordinary photography mode. Although the details of the face of the character are very clear, and the beauty is very natural, the whole picture can only see the “face” of the little sister, which lacks some stereoscopic sense.

and the following picture is taken after the ultra wide angle function of vivo S7 is turned on. We can clearly see that the little sister has a “small face” in an instant, and the whole picture also contains more content. It looks stereoscopic, and the edge of the photo does not appear any distortion. For users, they can say goodbye to “big head” stickers when they take self portraits with vivo S7 every day, and even if it is a group photo taken by multiple people, there is no pressure.

what’s more, the pre-4k ultra clear video recording function brought by vivo S7 is also particularly amazing. In addition, the super anti shake 2.0 function supported by the machine makes it easy for vivo S7 to shoot extremely stable and clear video images. You can see the motion picture below. Even if the photographer is shaking and walking, vivo S7 can still clearly show the facial details of the character. In addition, vivo S7 also adds beauty effect in the front 4K video, which also makes the original sweet little sister look more charming.

in addition to its brilliant performance in self shooting, the performance of vivo S7 in post shooting can not be underestimated. The camera adopts the “two color cloud scale” design of the rear three camera module, three cameras are: 64 million pixel main camera, 120 ultra wide angle camera and hierarchical black and white lens. It can support super night scene 4.0, multi style optimization and other functions, bringing users a more comprehensive and ultimate photo experience.

the following photo was taken in a dark light scene. After turning on the super night scene 4.0 function of vivo S7, the brightness of the whole picture has been greatly improved, and the skin color of the little sister’s face looks very even. This is a big surprise for users who like shooting at night.

to sum up, the performance of the new vivo S7 in terms of imaging has indeed reached the flagship level. The machine’s more extreme self portrait performance will certainly capture the hearts of many female users. After reading this article, have you been shocked by the selfie performance of vivo S7? You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo