Talking about old stem of “Liu Haiping” on iPhone 12: slander is praise

it’s hard to imagine that after so many years, there are so many people who make complaints about Liu Haiping iPhone, even Android. But on second thought, it seems to be the highest praise for Apple’s iPhone. Except for Liu Haiping, who is not a slot point, perhaps critics have no fault with Apple’s iPhone. < / P > < p > in recent reports on iPhone 12, many netizens said that “Liu Haiping will never change and never buy”. Then I can only say that you have to wait. Objectively speaking, Liu Haiping is a helpless compromise. At least until science and technology breaks through the physical limit or there is a new technology to replace the current 3D vision technology, Liu Haiping will always exist, which is a matter of great probability. < / P > < p > the role of Liu Hai screen will not be explained in detail. A series of innovations based on 3D vision and AR technology, such as Apple’s face ID and memoji, all come from the 3D vision module in the bangs. On the issue of Liu Haiping, Apple has obviously made a trade-off. It is worth looking at it in any way to exchange for the comprehensive innovation and upgrading of experience and application. < p > < p > according to reports, Apple’s iPhone 12 is about to use lidar and 120mhz high-speed screen, but Liu Haiping has confirmed that it still exists. Because no matter from the security of 3D facial verification, or based on a series of innovative applications such as AR, or the huge investment made by apple in acquiring related technology companies, Apple’s adherence to the front 3D visual module is not easy to change. < / P > < p > I don’t deny that “flaw” can be used to define Apple’s Liu Haiping, but Apple has also been carefully designed and optimized, including every curve and angle of Liu Haiping. Compared with those random on the screen “hole” or “gouge” practice, Apple’s Liu screen is actually not bad from the visual effect. < / P > < p > and as a former fruit powder user and now Android liuhaiping mobile phone user, I said that in fact, Liu Haiping mobile phone can adapt quickly. Because when people stare at the mobile phone, the position of Liu Haiping screen is obviously beyond the visual center of gravity. Add some black border “optimization” or wallpaper “special effect”, basically can ignore the existence of Liu Haiping.

so I can not make complaints about Liu Haiping’s Tucao in recent iPhone 12 related articles. Are they really Apple iPhone users? What are they picking on? After three or four years of Liu Haiping’s extensive application, I still make complaints about Tucao, which is neither advanced nor boring. < / P > < p > if you want to make Liu Haiping disappear completely and retain the innovative technology applications such as 3D vision and ar that have been used for many years, the only way is to wait for the breakthrough of physical limit. At present, the relatively unified research and development path of the industry is off screen technology, such as off screen camera, off screen fingerprint, etc., which have made great progress in recent years, but are still subject to the constraints of physical limits. < / P > < p > the current off screen technology, for example, is to cover a full frame SLR Lens with a layer of plastic cloth for tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, whether it is under the ultrasound screen or the optical screen fingerprint, there are a lot of users make complaints about it, because fundamentally they have physical diaphragm. If that’s the case with fingerprints, let alone cameras. Some people criticize Apple’s lack of innovation in recent years. Indeed, in terms of its recent product strategy, apple is becoming more and more conservative. Based on experience, some immature new technologies won’t be seen on Apple’s iPhone. This does not mean that the technology Apple does not adopt is not good, but that Apple has changed its position from fighting to defending. We don’t know when the physical limit will break through, so Liu Haiping will continue to exist. And if you look closely, Apple’s Liu Hai screen has a very high degree of recognition, even if you cover the bottom half of the phone, you can see it is an iPhone. This brings us to another problem, that is, the continuity of product style and the shaping of brand gene. < / P > < p > just like Mercedes Benz and BMW, no matter how the appearance changes, people can distinguish it at a glance. This is the form expression of brand value. From tonality accumulation to culture, a Mercedes Benz brand is worth more than 100000 yuan, not out of thin air. Why Apple has a market value of two trillion US dollars, and why the iPhone has the highest profit margin of 74% is worthy of careful examination. < / P > < p > in contrast, today’s hole drilling, tomorrow’s hole digging, and the day after tomorrow’s beauty tip chaos, product planning is not advisable, the product forms vary every year, and there is no continuity. On the surface, what is missing is the brand gene that runs through the whole process, but in fact, it has no technical thread and strategic support for long-term development. In the final analysis, it’s a speculator. If the brand value doesn’t go, it can only make hard money to move bricks. < / P > < p > who would have thought that it was precisely because of the “ugly” Liu Haiping that Apple once again changed the world. Take a look at the widely used face brushing payment, face brushing boarding, face brushing and medical treatment, as well as various thin face and slimming effects superimposed with AR technology. The machine recognition technology based on 3D vision accelerates the application. Apple’s role in promoting the application can not be ignored. < / P > < p > to be sure, neither 3D vision technology nor AR technology was invented by apple, but acquired by apple through the acquisition of two Israeli special research and development companies in 2018. Apple’s success lies in integrating the intangible cutting-edge technology into the iPhone entity, bringing comprehensive innovation and leading the trend from the experience and application level. < / P > < p > with Apple’s influence in the industry, powerful software and hardware ecology, and the huge user base of iPhone, these cutting-edge technologies are really accelerated to be applied. Not only in the field of civil use, 3D vision and AR technology have great commercial value in industry, medical treatment, education, military, and almost any field, but in the eyes of jet, only the ugliness of Liu Haiping On the surface of

, Liu Haiping is the compromise of apple, which is actually a window of technology driven application innovation. Some people make complaints about Liu Haiping’s apple, which is the highest praise of apple iPhone. Liu Haiping of Apple’s iPhone may go to the black, break through the physical limit, completely innovate new technology, and even completely change the shape of mobile phone Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer