Tan songyun takes photos of song Weilong and uses the garbage can as props. I am not dazzled by the film effect?

Since this period of time, the highest topic of a TV series, word-of-mouth and ratings are very good, can be said to be a work worth watching. Now the plot update is almost at the end, and the relationship between the “three brothers and sisters” played by Tan songyun, song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng has gradually changed. In the plot, Lingxiao and he Ziqiu also have estrangement because of Li Jianjian, but they finally make up. Of course, a good crew and actors will always have a good relationship. In the play, they are like brothers and sisters, and the way they get along with each other is enviable. Compared with other cast members, they are really too harmonious. < / P > < p > in a lot of GAGs, we can feel the relationship between the three stars in reality, which is similar to the characters in the play. After getting along with each other, we have already regarded each other as our best friends, and there is a lot of fun in the process of filming. Tan songyun, in particular, often disguised as a photographer to take pictures of her two younger brothers. Why the younger brother? Because in fact, Tan songyun is several years older than Zhang Xincheng and song Weilong. < / P > < p > in the process of shooting, Tan songyun picks up the camera again. At this time, a model is needed to take a good picture. Therefore, song Weilong, who is CP with Tan songyun in the play, becomes the model in front of Tan songyun’s lens. However, we all know what props Tan songyun chose to take photos of song Weilong this time? Only you can’t think of it. There’s no idea that a photographer can’t do. To take photos of song Weilong, Tan songyun directly uses the garbage can as a prop. This kind of thing that few people will try makes people’s minds full of big question marks. Do you think the effect of such a photo will really look good? < / P > < p > a simple trash can has a little taste of netizens across the screen, but these two people are concave in front of the garbage can, and they are not worried about passers-by’s eyes. Xiaobian, like many of my friends, at first I really photographed the character in front of the trash can, but I couldn’t get any good results. As a result, I began to doubt the moment I saw the effect of the finished product. Did I really have no eyesight? As an actor, Tan songyun is a literary and artistic girl at first sight, and the pose for taking photos also looks very professional. Since becoming an actress, Tan songyun has become more enthusiastic about the camera. She often takes the camera to take photos of the two “brothers” in the play, and has a lot of fun. We, who eat melons, have always been very curious about what kind of effect Tan songyun will produce. After all, one wants to be photographed in front of the garbage can, and the other is willing to be photographed behind the garbage can. Ha ha, just looking at that picture, I feel very happy. < / P > < p > Song Weilong, who took the photos, immediately came to watch. Is it really like the friends waiting in front of the screen to see the effect of the film? So, what is the effect of the photos taken in front of the trash can? Let’s take a look at it! < p > < p > when the group of photos taken by Tan songyun for song Weilong was released, many of his friends were shocked by the film. Take a look at Song Weilong squatting in front of the garbage can. He is directly photographed with a large effect. < / P > < p > if you don’t say so, who will believe that the prop of such a photo is actually a trash can that is hated by everyone? I don’t really have a dazzle with this effect, do I? Before seeing the film effect, the garbage can is a garbage can. After seeing the film, the garbage can has been upgraded several grades. I almost mistook it as a scenic spot worth clocking in. Is there any scenic spot? I almost thought I was dazzled! < / P > < p > especially when the camera is closer, you can clearly feel song Weilong’s delicate facial features, and he is more youthful in the sun. The sun hit his face and body, the effect can be called a blockbuster. After looking at the effect picture, Tan songyun can really get out of school. This photography technique is really not inferior to that of a professional photographer. If you can photograph a garbage can like this, do you think it’s possible not to circle the powder? What do you want to share with song Weilong? Some words can directly leave a message to tell Xiaobian! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?