Taobao calls netizens to open a shop and start a business

As long as you send your Taobao store idea to before 24:00 on the 19th, you can have a chance to be picked. As a favorite platform for young people to start their own business, Taobao has always encouraged innovation. No matter how wonderful your ideas are, no matter what kind of writing, PPT or ghost animal videos are sent to the submission mailbox, they are welcome. < p > < p > games without rewards are all hooligans! After the competition, Taobao will provide three super benefits of “sending money, sending people and sending secret books” to three winning netizens. The three netizens will receive 60000 yuan, 30000 yuan and 10000 yuan respectively, and will be guided by a specially assigned person. If you want to learn more skills, the winners can also learn the 30000 yuan Taobao University store operation course for free. < p > < p > in the first hour after the launch of the competition, 63 store opening plans were received in the submission mailbox. Among the various creative ideas, there are middle-aged talk show actors who want to sell jokes, big boys born after 95 who want to sell memories, Post-00 “three pit fans” who want to open JK uniform shop, and netizens who send a poem to Taobao, who automatically lose the election because they don’t conform to the rules of the competition. Shortly after the start of the activity, some enthusiastic netizens put forward their own suggestions for opening a shop. Some felt that they could open a Taobao shop to provide dating services to help single men and women solve their life-long problems. They also received the approval of 12 netizens. Others suggested that they could provide supervision and learning services to relieve the suffering of procrastination patients. < / P > < p > in addition to the government’s plan to collect brain holes, Taobao is also preparing to select a fan to contract his one-year instant noodles. Interestingly, in the comment area, netizens have asked “can you choose your own taste” and “do you consider the difference between the north and the south in the taste of instant noodles” and so on. In fact, it’s no surprise that netizens are actively participating in the opening business competition. In fact, Taobao produces more than 1000 new ideas every day, flooding into 40000 new businesses with “dishonest” ideas. The continuous addition of these fresh blood is also an important reason for Taobao to live younger. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list