Taobao special edition said that it had never subsidized overseas markets, and had been heavily discredited since it was launched

The Taobao special edition refutes the false rumors of “subsidizing the European and American markets” through the official microblog. The statement emphasizes that the Taobao special edition has never carried out business in foreign markets, nor has it launched subsidies for European and American markets. All the preferential policies only subsidize domestic users. Taobao special edition further said that in the past, now and future, only domestic users will be subsidized. In the official blog, Taobao’s special edition also said that since it was launched, it has encountered intensive and targeted defamation. However, it did not specify who the defamator was, but emphasized that “the small actions of the defamator are very vulgar”. < p > < p > the financial sector has noticed that the number of downloads of Taobao’s special edition overseas is far more than that of Pinyin. According to a group of data from sensor tower, in July this year, the number of downloads of “Taobao special edition” in the US Android Market exceeded 40000, seven times more than pinduoduo. News that it has quantitative subsidies for overseas users, however, Taobao refuted the rumor today. < / P > < p > in the past year, pinduoduo’s 10 billion subsidy has been attacking Taobao / tmall and Jingdong. Digital, mother and baby, and beauty make-up have become the focus of pinduoduo’s 10 billion subsidy. It is clear that pinduoduo is scrambling for orders from Jingdong and tmall. Subsequently, Taobao / tmall, Jingdong and other platforms also launched 10 billion subsidy programs. However, due to the traffic defects of Taobao, we can only develop app for deep cultivation on the basis of not affecting Taobao users. However, Taobao is still under a lot of pressure in a short time. In terms of market value, Tianyan check app shows that the market value of pinduoduo, which has won the market by sinking, is about 700 billion yuan. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia