TCL 5g 8K smart screen, the gospel of heavy fans of film and TV series

In addition to tan songyun, song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng, the most important point of the play is the redefinition and interpretation of home. There is such a clip, young Li Jianjian, Lingxiao, he Ziqiu sitting in the living room watching TV, Jianjian and Lingxiao sitting on the sofa, Ziqiu quietly sitting on the small stool in front of the tea table. The three children are eating watermelon while staring at the old TV. This picture really touched the softness of many people’s hearts. < / P > < p > have you found that with the popularity of mobile phones, tablet computers and other modern devices, many families have gradually lost the warm picture of watching TV together. However, if you have TCL 5g 8K smart screen, maybe your family will regain such warmth. With the release of TCL 5g 8K smart screen, the TV industry has stepped into the 5g era! At 14:30 on August 18, 2020, TCL held a new product launch conference of 2020 TCL 5g 8K smart screen with the theme of “you live with 5g, only one screen apart”. It released the world’s first 5g 8K smart screen new products, 8K mled smart screen 75x105g and 8K qled smart screen 85×9 5g, which injected new vitality into large screen audio and painting. As a leading enterprise in China’s TV industry, TCL has made outstanding achievements in technology and quality. TCL’s x9 8K qled TV and x108k qled TV, two 8K TV products, have been well-known since they came into the market. The new product of TCL 5g 8K smart screen is the innovative combination of 5g and 8K smart screen, which will bring better audio-visual experience to the audience. < / P > < p > the newly released TCL 5g 8K smart screen has a 75 inch + super large screen with a new generation of primary color quantum dot technology. It is equipped with a full range 8K integrated solution and Q image quality engine technology, bringing Ultra HD full range 8K image quality. In terms of sound quality, it has 8 units and 10 channels of hardware support. Its anqiao panoramic sound system supports Dolby / DTS dual decoding, bringing IMAX level immersive sound effect, as well as massive video resources like Tencent and iqiyi, which are popular with fans. You can turn your living room into a private cinema without leaving home. With the blessing of 5g technology, TCL 5g 8K smart screen loading 8K video is even more powerful. It will easily achieve higher quality image transmission, and can also carry out 5g communication video call. Such “black technology” new product will surely become the gospel of film and TV drama heavy fans. < / P > < p > TCL 5g 8K smart screen can meet the needs of film and TV lovers in all aspects. With high color gamut, pure color and long color, as well as super large screen effect, smooth picture quality and perfect sound effect, many films with high requirements for picture and sound can be realized through TCL 5g 8K smart screen, which is indeed the welfare of movie fans who like to watch blockbusters. For example, Hollywood movies, domestic movies with good special effects, grand scenes, wonderful fights, etc. these movies are the classics in the hearts of many fans. Many fans want to brush twice or more. However, it is obviously unrealistic to wait for the cinema to be shown again. TCL 5g 8K smart screen can best meet the regret in the hearts of movie fans. Not only that, TCL 5g 8K smart screen can improve the whole smart home operation instruction experience, and better build the artificial intelligence internet of things ecological chain closed loop. TCL 5g 8K smart screen has the function of “all-round, full house, full staff and full-time”. As the scene performance of the whole AI system, full scene AI aims to serve every life scene of users at home. < / P > < p > image recognition can identify the current user’s age, gender and family members, and recommend the corresponding content for the current scene. Voiceprint recognition can realize the user’s exclusive customization, record the user’s voice and recommend the corresponding content according to the preferences and customization. TCL 5g 8K smart screen also supports 5g network and 5g WiFi interface, which makes it easy to download massive network video resources. Office workers have been busy for a whole day. It’s a good way to decompress a drama, watch a movie and watch a ball game. With the help of 5g high-speed download of TCL 5g 8K smart screen, a play and a movie can only be downloaded for a few minutes or seconds. < / P > < p > fans of the hit series,,,, or second brush,,, and so on, can watch the full works through TCL 5g 8K smart screen through one click download, which is much more cool than chasing drama online with mobile phones! With the advent of 5g era, TCL, as a leading domestic high-end TV enterprise, has been at the forefront of the times! < p > < p > 4G changes life, 5g changes society. 2019 is the first year of 5g. As a leading enterprise in the domestic TV industry, TCL TV is closely following the times. Before 5g has fully penetrated into people’s lives, TCL TV will take the lead in leading the audience to experience the audio-visual pleasure of 5g era. It is enough to see that TCL enterprises have the sensitivity and foresight to keep up with the times. Compared with 4G, 5g has the characteristics of “higher network speed, low delay, high reliability and low power mass connection”. With the network entering the 5g era, the public’s demand for television will also be imperceptibly improved. In terms of market demand, it can be seen from the official data of China business website that since 2016, the sales volume of color TV market has declined year on year. Relevant data also show that the impact of mobile phones and laptops still exists in the TV industry. However, in the sales of color TV sets, the proportion of retail sales of full screen TV increased from 5.9% in 2018 to 32.6% in the first quarter of 2020. It can be seen that the demand of consumers for TV sets is also changing with the progress of the times, and the 5g era of TV sets will also be the main field of competition in the TV industry in the future. In terms of competition pattern, the domestic market has basically formed a large fixed framework of “local brand led” in recent two years, and the hierarchical structure of TV brand has become increasingly obvious. With the advent of 5g era, it is a challenge and an important transformation opportunity for the TV industry. Although people are increasingly dependent on we media and the Internet, authoritative data show that the stock of TV viewers is still huge. The launch of TCL 5g 8K smart screen by TCL this time is also a new attempt in the TV industry. It is the first real link between 8K smart screen and 5g, which is of milestone significance. < / P > < p > with fast download speed and super clear and fluent pictures, the audience will soon experience the audio-visual pleasure brought by 5g. As the leader of domestic TV industry, TCL takes the lead in completing TV technology breakthrough, and TCL 5g 8K smart screen is about to give the audience a good look. 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