TCL China Star announces the world’s narrowest LCD bottom border

August 12th, TCL Hua Xing official WeChat official account announced the exclusive realization of the narrowest LCD lower frame in the world. Through the improvement of the original technology, TCL Huaxing has overcome various technical difficulties for two years and applied for a series of independent patents. Through the innovation in IC design, panel design and process technology, TCL Huaxing has broken the conventional layout of the functions on the lower border panel. < p > < p > TCL Huaxing has successfully developed the narrowest LCD bottom frame module in the world by developing a new way on the original cog framework, which can compress the LCD module bottom frame to the minimum 2.4mm in the world. The overall lower frame of the module is reduced by 20% compared with the current mass production specifications. 4 mm. < p > < p > it is reported that TCL China Star has effectively overcome the influence factors of the proportion of LCD screen’s bottom border on the screen after adopting a series of new IC, new design and new technology. It effectively reduces the screen border, improves the proportion of full screen screen screen, and creates an integrated effect. < p > < p > finally, TCL China Star announced that the next generation of more amazing full screen technology has been developed and pre researched, and will bring new experience to users in the near future! Older posts →