TCL unveils the new generation of king of living room TV

Since its birth, TV has been the C-bit of the user’s living room and the center of people’s family entertainment. With the development of TV from a thick CRT to a thin tablet, people’s entertainment has also changed from a single broadcast TV to a variety of Internet content. Living room TV is constantly evolving. What will the new generation of living room TV look like, We may be able to find the answer in CCTV’s latest TCL article TVC. < / P > < p > in modern life, especially with the outbreak of mobile Internet, the screen is carrying more and more information, so the requirements of display area, density and accuracy are growing. How to accelerate the iterative update of display technology has become one of the key factors affecting the development of science and technology industry and people’s life. In this article, we see that TCL, as a big brand, shows us many innovative screen technologies and reveals the R & D story behind them. < / P > < p > in terms of technology, TCL has changed from a catcher to a leader in the industry, from 8K large screen of living room TV, folding and curling screen of new generation smart phone to next-generation screen display R & D and manufacturing technology. For example, only TCL and a few manufacturers in Japan and South Korea have the ability to conduct in-depth research on next-generation display inkjet printing technology. At the beginning of this year, TCL successfully launched the world’s first inkjet printable flexible screen prototype, which surprised the whole industry and further away from mass production. Behind the innovation is TCL’s deep cultivation of display materials and technology, as well as the unremitting efforts of hundreds of doctors and more than 10000 professional and technical personnel all over the world. < / P > < p > technological innovation has no boundaries. TCL Honghu laboratory has four technology centers around the world, attracting a large number of talents from different fields, such as IOT, AI, cloud computing and big data, in the fields of electronics, smart home, communication, Internet and finance, and jointly promoting technology research and development and product innovation and application. At present, TCL has formed technical advantages in the fields of artificial intelligence, 5g application technology, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet. Its cumulative PCT patent applications have reached more than 13000, and it has many proud public patents. This is the foundation of TCL’s 39 years of existence in the science and technology industry. < / P > < p > while adhering to technological innovation, TCL is more aware of the importance of landing new technologies and new applications on products and entering thousands of households from laboratories. Implementing the product concept of “understand your big screen sound and picture peak”, TCL has brought the TCL 85×9 8K qled TV with the ultimate picture quality, so that users can appreciate the strength of the new generation of “king of living room” TV. < / P > < p > TCL 85×9 8K qled TV adopts an 85 inch qled primary color quantum dot screen with 8K resolution. The number of pixels in a single frame is four times that of mainstream 4K TV, and the display effect is clear and delicate. Moreover, this top-level qled primary color quantum dot screen has 1.07 billion colors and ten-year pure display effect. It can achieve 157% ultra-high gamut and 58.3% color purity. Its color life is up to 60000 hours. It is durable and does not fade. With 8K precision pixels, it can achieve smoother, more natural and richer color expression. < / P > < p > the display fineness and color performance of qled primary color quantum dot screen on TCL 85×9 8K qled TV have reached the top level of the industry. In addition, TCL 85×9 8K qled TV also adds professional 8K qled chip and AI to 8K correlation compensation algorithm to comprehensively improve the display quality from the screen panel, processing chip and algorithm. All this is due to TCL’s five generation product iteration and six generation technology precipitation in qled quantum dot technology, which is the result of the efforts of professional and technical personnel. < / P > < p > in addition to the independent sound bar sound created by TCL and Onkyo anqiao, the 8-unit 10 channel design of TCL 85×9 8K qled TV brings a professional cinema level immersive experience. And thanks to TCL’s AI x IOT ecological strategy and the research and development of Honghu laboratory, TV can also become the user’s smart home center. Users can voice remote control different smart devices in their home through TCL 85×9 8K qled TV. < / P > < p > the Iron Throne is a symbol of status and authority in the world, and only the strongest are worthy to sit on it. TCL 85×9 8K qled TV, which has outstanding audio-visual performance and AI functions, is the strongest TV product with the title of “king of living room”, and it has become the inevitable choice for users pursuing the ultimate experience. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?